Speed and Trust with Azure Synapse Analytics

As a Microsoft partner, we’re excited by the announcement of the Azure Synapse Analytics platform.

Why? Because it furthers the ability of businesses to leverage data-driven insights and decision making at all levels in an organization. (And we love that!)

Together, our joint customers are already leveraging data in amazing ways to tackle everything from creating customer 360 views to reducing project times for data analytics from 6 months to 6 weeks. The Azure Synapse platform will help take this even further with increased insights on their data.

So, what is Azure Synapse?

Azure Synapse is the evolution of Azure SQL Data Warehouse, that brings traditional Data Warehousing and Big Data analytics together into a single offering – with an integrated security, management, and monitoring platform. Azure Synapse Analytics offers a unified experience to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data for immediate BI and machine learning applications. As a result, Azure Synapse delivers insights from all your data, across data warehouses and big data analytics systems, with blazing speed.

Azure Synapse uses deeply integrated Power BI and Azure Machine Learning to greatly expand the discovery of insights from data and apply machine learning models to deliver intelligent apps. This deep integration makes it quicker to create new experiences with data.

From an experience perspective, Azure Synapse studio unifies the experience for everyone including data engineers, data scientists, and database administrators. This allows business analysts to securely access datasets and use Power BI to build dashboards quickly with the same analytics service.

How does Talend make Azure Synapse even better?

We’re excited about the possibilities of the Azure Synapse service. Talend Cloud runs natively on the Azure environment, which means users of Azure Synapse will be able to easily leverage any data they need – whether in the cloud or on-premises – and ensure the data is correct and governed. Talend helps deliver trusted analytics at speed to different users across an organization using the new Azure Synapse platform.

With Talend, Azure Synapse users can quickly ingest data with over 900+ connectors and components, apply pervasive data quality at every step of the journey, and ensure that each analytics user gets the trusted and correct data they need whenever they need it. We allow data analysts and business users to provide integrated feedback and insights on data. Quite simply, Talend makes Azure Synapse even better.

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Talend combine the best of both worlds. Azure Synapse allows data analysis in a new powerful environment. Talend delivers speed and trust to these data analytics. We can’t wait to see what our customers do with these two great technologies.

Find out more about Azure Synapse and Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure here.


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