The Smart Data Cloud Approach

To maximize the benefits of cloud, data & machine learning and make it available to innovative digital teams and customers, the data lake is the definite reference model. How can we accelerate its implementation and scope without losing control or jeopardizing its sustainability?

Many data lake initiatives will lead to failure by using artisanal approaches such as specific coding and putting aside quality issues, such as security and governance or compliance. Data from a data lake is only useful if it helps make the right decisions at the right time. An agile and governed approach based on open, integrated, collaborative, and secure platforms, leads to success.

The major challenge in managing information is governance, control and processes.

40 % of hours worked are wasted in:

  • Managing growing volume of data
  • Managing access and information sharing
  • Workload dedicated to collect, consolidate and validate data

Organizations’ digital transformation creates new constraints such as the ability of processing:

  • Billions of lines and data volumes of several tens of Terabytes
  • Variable data structures (CSV, JSON, XML, etc.)
  • High-speed transactions with rapid response times
  • Complex analyses in real time

The digital transformation can be divided in 5 main topics:

Reconcile information used internally and externally

  • To ensure information reliability
  • To increase business activities comprehension

Produce quicker information

  • Improve processes
  • Improve tools used to produce information

Reduce costs of producing information

  • Automate non-value-added tasks
  • Decrease length of production cycle

Improve information quality

  • Gain more time to analyze and transform data
  • Facilitate information publication

Master information access

  • Master information visibility
  • Give information access to users outside the company

The solution to help solve these challenges, is the Smart Data Cloud Approach (3 players – 1 solution)

With its partners, Keyrus has created an approach that merges best practices in data integration with two leading market solutions: The Data Integration platform (Talend) and The Data Storage platform (Snowflake).

Talend is the leading organization in cloud and Big Data Deployments. With a combination of products built on the same platform, with one design environment and one set of management tools, Talend gives customers the flexibility of addressing different types of integration problems with the same product at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

Talend is leader in cloud and Big Data Deployments

Snowflake is a leading company in Cloud Data Warehousing, providing a unique approach to ingest, store, share and allow structured and semi-structured data available. Snowflake’s unique engine reduces processing, access and management times for data warehouses.


Keyrus helps enterprises take advantage of the Digital and Data paradigm to enhance their performance, assist them with their transformation and generate new levers of growth and competitiveness. Keyrus specializes in performance management consulting and integration of innovative technological solutions in the Data and Digital fields. Over the last twenty years, the Group has developed its expertise and skills in helping companies in optimizing performances and meet  transformation challenges.


Smart Cloud Data Approach

The Smart Data Cloud approach is based on three components that will give our customers the possibility of implementing their strategy in a rapid, progressive and secured way.

1 – SaaS Architecture

The first step is the SaaS (Software as a Service) architecture selection for both Talend and Snowflake. In architecture mode, the customers will be able to develop, implement and grow their architecture without major investment. The pricing model is on a pay usage bases.

This represents a plus in term of management as the architecture cost is predictable.

One more advantage of the solution is scalability. The two solutions are designed to be scalable without having to invest in sustaining growth of activities.

2 – Agility

Keyrus uses an agile methodology to implement and build Data Warehouses for it’s customers.

Using a user’s workshops approach to understand and prioritize business needs, Keyrus guaranties an iterative and rapid delivery with visible results.

Instead of waiting several months for project delivery results, multiple project milestones will be monitored in order to control project delivery dates and performances. Results are published giving users the ability to extract and present valuable information to the organization.

3 – Turnkey device

Devices managed by Keyrus give our customers confidence in having a single contact point that understand both business goals and challenges. The Keyrus contact center, manages and supports the product, development and maintenance of the global solution.

Overall Architecture

The architecture will allow data collection, platform scalability and solution flexibility. As a major Talend and Snowflake integrator, Keyrus offers custom connectors and APIs with several external and internal data sources. Keyrus consultants build industrial workflows (DevOps) and implement continuous integration and development processes (CI/CD).


StakeHolders Stages

There are three phases that each organization delivers to allow customers to benefit from the full Keyrus Added Value Solutions.

  • Ability to connect to classic Databases / Cloud or API sources using either Talend Data Integration Tool or Snowflake Integration Query Language.
  • Ability to simplify and automate feed processes (either Real Time, CDC or ETL/ELT Processes).
  • Ability to integrate your historical data.

  • Ability to implement Data Quality processes using Data Integration solutions provided by Talend, or by implementing ETL business processes.
  • Ability to implement data reconciliation processes, to gather reliable data from internal or external sources.

  • Ability to expose and share data in your overall organization by creating DataMart views and API’s inside the Snowflake architecture.
  • Ability to expose data to your suppliers, customers and prospects customers using APIs.
  • Ability to resell your data to create Data as a Service offer using APIs.
  • Ability to process data using Advanced Data Analytics solution such as Machine Learning, Data Analysis or other tools.


The offer is based on our technical accelerators (starter kit / DevOps) that allows the possibility of delivering a final progressive and scalable Data Warehouse.

Keyrus will deliver ready to be expose shared data (Open Data, API, etc.) with the introduction of Human Knowledge and IT processes.

Combining leading technical solutions Talend and Snowflake with Keyrus’s experience, will ensure a complete and reliable solution delivery for your organization. 

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