Automate and accelerate cloud data warehouse migrations to Snowflake

Studies conducted on IT executives are great at revealing some of the key issues in the world of data analytics. In recent surveys, 71.8% of executives agreed that AI will have the greatest impact on their firms over the next decade and 54.4% of them signified that an inability to leverage data as an effective weapon against competitors is their greatest data threat¹. Based on this, it is clear that data and data analytics are key to an organization’s success.

While these findings assert the direction organizations want to go to be successful, the fact that 81% of executives rate the complexity of their on-premises data warehouses as “Difficult” or “Very Difficult” ² reveals that on-premises data warehouse are a major hurdle they must overcome in getting there.

Moving to the cloud

The solution for many of these organizations is to move to a cloud data warehouse, and a vast number are selecting Snowflake Computing as their vendor of choice.  While that is the direction they want to go, many want to bring with them the years of investment in business and data integration logic without the massive expense and time commitment to redevelop everything.

That is where Talend in partnership with Blade Bridge comes in.  We have announced a joint data warehouse migration solution that automates and accelerates the migration of ANY on-premises data warehouse AND the on-premises ETL environment (Informatica, IBM, or Talend) to Snowflake and Talend Cloud.

This automated approach will analyze and convert both the database structure and the ETL mappings saving upwards of 70% of the time and cost compared to manual translation.


Unlike other migration solutions, this solution will convert all artifacts:

  • Tables
  • View
  • Stored Procedures
  • User define functions
  • ETL connections
  • ETL mappings

This solution is delivered as “Quick Start” professional services offering.  Over a four week period, Talend and/or a Talend SI partner will analyze the existing solution and provide a full report on migration, convert key portions of the database and ETL mappings to demonstrate the automated conversion process, build a test plan to ensure that the conversions work correctly, and build an optimization plan to refactor work to take advantage of cloud only capabilities.

Talend Cloud Snowflake with Bladebridge

Let Talend and help you get a jump start on getting the value from a cloud data warehouse.  This includes less operational work, significantly lower costs, far greater agility, and faster time to value.

Come see us at Snowflake World Tour in Sydney, see our announcement, or contact us to get a deep dive overview of how we can accelerate you cloud migration.


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