5 best practices to deliver trust in your data project: Tip #4 Empower organizations with modern tools

5 best practices to deliver trust in your data project: Tip #4 Empower organizations with modern tools

  • David Talaga
    David Talaga is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Data Governance at Talend. David has a rich and diverse marketing experience, including strategic, field, and product marketing roles in data-driven organizations. After graduating from EDHEC, David started his career as a Data analyst in the Healthcare Industry. In 2000, he joined Dassault Systèmes where he held several senior positions, notably heading up the technology partnership program in Augmented Reality and the strategic alliance with Microsoft. In 2006, David joined Microsoft as Product Marketer for the Software Engineering Product Line. In 2014, he became Marketing Manager for a new EdTech Offering at John Wiley and Sons before joining Talend as Product Marketing for Data Governance Solutions.

During Summer, The Talend Blog Team will relay to share fruitful tips & to securely kick off your data project. This week, we’ll start with the fourth capability: empower organizations with modern tools and systems to manage and monitor data.


Traditional tools for managing data integrity, such as data quality, governance and stewardship tools, were targeted at the most skilled data experts. With the advent of social networks, machine learning and smart pattern recognition technologies, these tools are getting simpler at every release. They now allow anyone with market or customer knowledge to contribute and collaborate  in a data governance effort.

Empower organizations with modern tools and systems to manage and monitor data

Why it’s important

People who know the data best are generally at the edge of data supply chains. They aren’t data professionals who can design a model or customize a data quality rule. But once guided with smart tools or supervised by machine learning that can turn their tacit knowledge into an algorithm, they become strategic contributors to digital transformations, while cutting repetitive tasks out of their daily jobs. Equipping data citizens with simple but powerful easy to use modern tools has also a clear benefit: putting very rapidly your data governance strategy into play by letting almost anyone being accountable for the data they manage.

When it’s important

Embedding controls, transparency, and monitoring along your data journey rather than as a separate discipline is required to monitor your progress over time. Using a common data platform with collaborative tools that fit the role of each contributor, data quality and governance become a team sport while rules can be integrated automatically into data workflows.


Our recent data trust readiness report reveals that 37% of Operational data workers are confident that they have the right tools in place to efficiently manage and monitor data whereas 50% of executive believe they do. 

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How Talend tools can help

Talend provides modern tools so that anyone in a company can embrace data management the modern way.

For business experts (data stewards): Talend Data Stewardship is an application you can use to manage data assets in the cloud. It organizes the interactions on data whenever human intervention is required to collaborate on data deduplication, classification or curation.
Talend Data Stewardship makes it easy for anyone to clean, certify and reconcile data. Using a team-based, workflow approach, curation tasks can be assigned to data experts across the organization and tracked for progress or audit.

In a customer driven scenario, imagine that the sales team has found a number of duplicates in the Contacts objects in the enterprise Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and this hurts their productivity. A Merging campaign in Talend Data Stewardship enables you to solve the duplicates by surviving only the appropriate data.

For further information, see Adding a Merging campaign to deduplicate records 

For Business analysts: Talend Data Preparation empowers anyone to quickly prepare data for trusted insights throughout the organization. Talend Data Preparation combines intuitive self-service data preparation and data curation functionality with collaboration capabilities, allowing lines of business and IT to work together to create data the entire company can trust. 

For Data Engineer: Talend provides you with a range of open source and subscription Studios you can use to create your projects and manage data of any type or volume. Using the graphical User Interface and hundreds of pre-built components and connectors, you can design your Jobs or Routes with a drag-and-drop interface and native code generation.

All your data practitioners, whoever they are will find an app suitable to their needs and role in the data management area. The combination of UI friendly role-based applications and a powerful technical environment built on a common unified platform will drastically enhance the way modern organizations embrace data management.

How to get started:

Why not giving Talend Cloud and Talend Data Stewardship a try?

Go to talend cloud trial and see for yourself: put yourself into a data citizen’s shoes and practice 3 key users scenarios To govern data at scale, the right systems need the mechanisms and features to automate processes and rules over time from data ingestion to destination. Don’t consider data integration, data quality, and data governance as separate functions, but as key pillars of your data-driven strategy. Download the Definitive Guide to Data Governance to improve how you can deliver data you can trust.


 Want to explore more capabilities?

This is the fourth out of ten trust & speed capabilities. Can't wait to discover our next capability?

Go and download our Trust Data Readiness Report to discover other findings and the other capabilities or stay tuned to discover our next week Tip #5: Enforce regulatory compliance with good data

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