5 best practices to deliver trust in your data project: Tip #3 Take ownership around a single source of trusted data

5 best practices to deliver trust in your data project: Tip #3 Take ownership around a single source of trusted data

  • David Talaga
    David Talaga is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Data Governance at Talend. David has a rich and diverse marketing experience, including strategic, field, and product marketing roles in data-driven organizations. After graduating from EDHEC, David started his career as a Data analyst in the Healthcare Industry. In 2000, he joined Dassault Systèmes where he held several senior positions, notably heading up the technology partnership program in Augmented Reality and the strategic alliance with Microsoft. In 2006, David joined Microsoft as Product Marketer for the Software Engineering Product Line. In 2014, he became Marketing Manager for a new EdTech Offering at John Wiley and Sons before joining Talend as Product Marketing for Data Governance Solutions.

During Summer, The Talend Blog Team will relay to share fruitful tips & to securely kick off your data project. This week, we’ll start with the third capability: make sure you create a single source of trust and foster data ownership.

Create a single source of trusted data and foster data ownership

Would you imagine e-commerce without an electronic catalog or the web without search engines? Digital transformation requires single points of access to enable a wider range of people to access a wider range of information.

Why it’s important

When data is siloed, users can’t produce value out of cross-referenced datasets. As an example, it becomes complicated to match customers and prospects and provide useful customer recommendations on the next product to buy.  Especially as the recommendation might depend on the context, for example if you are a fashion retailer and the customer is currently in a store, you’d better recommend a product that is available in the store and fits to the customer size. Creating a single source of data and being able to propagate it as speed allows both better control and a wider audience.

Moreover, having a single source of trusted data is also a way to reap the benefits of deploying your digital transformation initiatives.

According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, 2017: “By 2020, organizations that offer users access to a curated catalog of internal and external data will realize twice the business value from analytics investments than those that do not.”

When it’s important

Apply a single source of trusted data from the get-go. Organizations need to establish and execute a data management strategy at the very start of their digital transformation journey in order to reconcile data sources and data sets before going further. This includes establishing accountabilities for data protection, remediation, and publishing so that data is widely and securely shared.

Our recent data trust readiness report reveals that 74% of operational data workers believe their organizations do not always put in place a single source of trusted data.

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How Talend tools can help

Talend Data Catalog helps you to create a central, governed catalog of enriched data that can be shared and collaborated on easily. It can automatically discover, profile, organize and document your metadata and makes it easily searchable.

This starts by establishing a single point of trust; that is to say, collecting all the data sets together in a single control point that will be the cornerstone of your data governance framework. Then, you need to select the identified datasets, assign roles and responsibilities directly into your single point of control to directly operationalize your governance from the get-go.

It is one of the advantages of data cataloging: regrouping all the trusted data in one place and giving access to members so that everybody can immediately use it, protect it, curate it and allow a wide range of people and apps to take advantage of it.

Talend Data Stewardship

The benefit of centralizing trusted data into a shareable environment is that it will save time and resources of your organization once operationalized so you can start fostering data ownership easily. Using Talend Data Stewardship, you can then easily delegate errors resolutions to your stewards and keep your dataset consistent, updated and curated overtime directly into your data catalog.

How to get started

Start by answering the “Who can access what” question. Apply collaborative and controlled governance to enable role-based applications that will allow assigned data stewards and the entire stakeholder’s community to harness the power of data, with governance principles put in place at the very beginning of the project.  Create a data inventory where shared data can be referenced, documented, and published.

 Watch our webinar series to discover how Talend can help you to create a single source of trusted data.

Want to explore more capabilities?

This is the third  out of ten trust & speed capabilities. Cannot wait to discover our second capability?

Go and download our Trust Data Readiness Report to discover other findings and the other 9 capabilities or stay tuned to discover our next week Capability #4 : Get control over organization’s data.


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