Talend Data Trust Readiness Report: How Companies Cope with Modern Data Challenges

Talend Data Trust Readiness Report: How Companies Cope with Modern Data Challenges

We’ve entered the era of the information economy, where data has become the most critical asset of every organization. To support business objectives such as revenue growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction, organizations are increasingly reliant on data to make decisions and drive their operations.

Since data is such an important strategic asset for most organizations, we wanted to know how much confidence data users (e.g. data architects, developers, and data engineers) as well as executives actually put in their current organization’s data. This report aims to help you to answer the following critical questions: Do you trust your data? Is your organization able to deliver it at the speed of the business? Is your organization a leader in digital transformation or is it lagging behind the competition?

In April 2019, Talend tasked Opinion Matters to survey 763 data professionals to evaluate their confidence in delivering trusted data at speed.

3 gaps revealed: integrity gap, speed gap, and execution gap




Data quality confidence remains low

The survey shows that only 38% of respondents believe their organizations excel in controlling data quality. Less than one in three (29%) data operational workers are confident their companies’ data is always accurate and up-to-date.

360 real-time data integration is still a challenge

Having data on time accelerates change and drive decisions when and where they make the most business impact. According to the survey, only 34% of data workers believe in their organization’s capability to succeed in a 360 real-time data integration process whereas executives feel more confident (46%). The real-time challenge is not trivial. It also relies on the organization’s willingness to invest in cloud-based modern systems such as data warehouses, data lakes or data hub. The challenge doesn’t stop at collecting and connecting data, but also to make them actionable in real-time. remains a challenge.

Significant difference between management and operational workers

The closer people are to enterprise data, the less confident they are about their organization’s ability to deliver trusted data at speed; while 49% of respondents at a management level feel very confident about having standing access to data, only 31% of data operational workers feel the same. This execution gap is being highlighted even on the compliance side, where trust is a regulatory mandate that all organizations need to enforce; while the majority of managers feel very optimistic (52%, only 39% among the operational workers share this perception).

10 capabilities needed to cope with modern data challenges

The journey to data excellence

Talend publishes this Data Trust Readiness report to provide step-by-step recommendations and best practices to achieve data leadership. Talend has identified 10 capabilities (5 related to speed, 5 related to integrity) that are essential to guarantee trusted data in any organization. The report covers what, why and when it is essential to master each of these capabilities over the data lifecycle process to become a digital leader. The top leaders got the highest score in each of the following capabilities: they feel fully confident about the ability of their organizations to deliver the right data, at the right time, to any user. As they feel fully in control of their data, they feel very confident about their organizations’ capability to protect data to comply with regulations such as GDPR. However, at the same time, they have confidence in their ability to unlock their data for broader, self-service access, thereby enabling their employees and stakeholders while avoiding shadow IT.

Are you a leader in delivering trust data at speed? Download the report and benchmark yourself against your peers according to the 10 capabilities identified to achieve data excellence. Does your journey still lie ahead? Follow the step-by-step recommendations as well as best practices and get inspired by real world examples.


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