The first Pay-as-You-Go design environment for accelerating integration projects

The integration landscape is changing.

According to Gartner, “Two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digital transformation to remain competitive.”

One of the byproducts of this increasing pace is the desire to get results quickly. In a cloud-first world, that means expectations are changing for how products are trialed, procured, and billed. People expect things to be simpler, faster, and more intuitive.

Despite this fervor, enterprises are weary of procuring simple single-task solutions that don’t scale to meet more complex needs or standards. Sometimes it’s more than simply moving the data. The ability to quickly produce and leverage trusted data requires advanced capabilities that simple solutions don’t provide – including hybrid integration, data quality, and governance.

We need the best of both.

Today, we’re excited to announce the upcoming availability of our Summer ’19 release. With this release, Talend provides the industry’s first end to end integration platform that allows users to get started quickly and grow in complexity as their needs change. Summer ’19 enables companies to balance immediate business needs for initiating data projects with long-term scale requirements for integration, such as governance and cross-cloud support. 

To help customers get started quicker, we’re introducing new Pay as You Go (PAYG) functionality to Pipeline Designer. This means users can trial the full product for 14 days and purchase it at anytime with a credit card. No need to contact a person or process a PO. At the same time, we’re introducing hourly billing, so customers only pay for what they use. It’s flexibility to buy a product in a budget friendly way. Customers can scale up and down while being billed accordingly automatically.

Within our product portfolio, we’re introducing In Product Chat (IPC) starting with our Pipeline Designer PAYG and trials. Users can interact with a live Talend employee and get help from directly within the product! There’s no need to open another browser window or exit what you’re doing. Users can ask questions about function, connectivity, or even billing.

As needs grow, the Summer’19 release enables data professionals, from citizen integrators to more technical developers, to scale to more complex and trusted multi-cloud hybrid use cases.

We’re introducing new machine-learning-driven data preparation (MagicFill). Data stewards are automatically suggested transformation recipes based on the actual work they’re already doing. It’s an amazing way to raise productivity while lowering errors. Summer ’19 also introduces data trust scores, data stewardship analytics, bi-directional format preserving encryption, multi-step workflows, and more to help organizations build and leverage trusted data.

Our partner ecosystem continues to grow with new connectivity to Azure SQL DWH, Blob, and ADLS v2 in Pipeline Designer. With Databricks, we’re adding support to run Pipeline Designer jobs with a simple configuration change and connect to their new Delta Lake platform (technical preview) within the Talend Cloud platform. These steps make it easier for customers to take advantage of the latest data technologies.

New scalable DevOps with Docker container support for Data Services and Routes ensures organizations can take advantage of containerization to scale up and down with business requirements. We’ve even added new automated zero configuration continuous integration (CI) support to ensure that organizations using Talend will support enterprise projects of any scale or complexity.

Talend is committed to helping organizations quickly transform their raw data into insight ready trusted data. Our Summer ’19 release enables users start quickly and scale as their needs grow to achieve this reality. This release will be available in Q3 for cloud or on-premises. To learn more about the product update go here.


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