Outra – Increasing value and predictability of big data

Outra – Increasing value and predictability of big data

  • Martine Vesco
    Martine Vesco joined Talend in 2016 as a Senior Customer Marketing Manager. In this role, Martine develops and maintains a trusted advisor relationship with key customer contacts and creates Customer Reference programs as well as communities. Prior to Talend, Martine held a number of senior positions in customer marketing at leading software companies such as Dassault Systèmes, Business Objects and Workday.

Outra is a UK predictive data science business that helps companies increase the power and precision of data through a modern, science-led approach which delivers actionable insight at speed.  

Many of Outra’s clients have either limited or no data science capabilities in house. Outra matches its proprietary property data with client’s customer data and any relevant third-party data. Then by applying deep learning, they create segmentations to help their clients make smarter, faster decisions, and improve customer experiences.  


Building a fast, comprehensive Cloud data platform 

 The cloud is a cost-effective way to get things up and running quickly for a startup such as OutraOutra chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud provider. Talend Cloud Big Data enables data ingestion into Snowflake. Talend Cloud Data Quality matches and cleans data from the various sources.  

 Now Outra can ingest over a billion rows in less than 60 seconds. This new Cloud data platform helps onboarding new data sources in one to seven days and reduces time to deliver insight from months to days 


Staying competitive with fast client delivery times 

In existence for less than two years, Outra’s clients include well-known companies in industries such as insurance, utilities, broadband and TV, telecom, energy, retail, restaurants, and more. 

Through data science, Outra can predict, for example, what age group visits a particular restaurant at a particular time, risk factors and scores of the members for potential insurance claims or when people are going to move to a new house and will need broadband or energy supply. 

Customers are impressed by how fast Outra can process their data. While every customer is different, Outra can access the data, run analytics, and provide them with insight typically within days. This is a very fast turnaround for the market, especially considering the volumes of data processed. 



Over a billion rows ingested in less than 60 seconds

The start-up Outra, a predictive data science business, is suddenly experiencing a big push of new customers due to the way it provides its clients actionable insight at speed, with its new Talend, Snowflake and AWS Cloud data platform.  




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