Seacoast Bank is banking on higher-quality data

Seacoast Bank is banking on higher-quality data

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    Martine Vesco joined Talend in 2016 as a Senior Customer Marketing Manager. In this role, Martine develops and maintains a trusted advisor relationship with key customer contacts and creates Customer Reference programs as well as communities. Prior to Talend, Martine held a number of senior positions in customer marketing at leading software companies such as Dassault Systèmes, Business Objects and Workday.

Chartered in 1926, Seacoast Bank is the operating subsidiary of Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida, which is one of the largest community banks headquartered in the state.  

Seacoast Bank improves data quality

 Seacoast Bank relies heavily on data to be able to provide customers the best solution for their needs, and to develop a deeper understanding of who customers are and how they want to work with their bank. But being heavily regulated, Seacoast Bank also understands the need for trusted data   

Delivering data quality and compliance 

Early in the process of building a data quality framework, Seacoast engaged Talend Professional Services to help define requirements, design an architecture, install components, and provide training and technical support. The framework specifies data quality activities at each stage of a data lifecycle whose steps are to discover, profile, measure, monitor and remediate data. 

 The index, which is part of Seacoast’s overarching data governance program, is an innovative approach that starts with an out-of-the-box solution—Talend Data Quality—and adds customized tables and structures to produce a tool that makes a complex topic like data quality understandable to business users throughout the organization. 

 Measuring data quality with an innovative data quality index  

 The index measures data quality on six dimensions: accuracy, completeness, conformity, consistency, uniqueness, and validity. Using a scale of 0 to 100, the index is a single measure that provides an overall indication of the level of data quality at Seacoast. It also measures data quality over time to track how it improves or degrades as the bank acquires other banks, and as data sources, processes, and the technical environment change. 

 In the loan area, for instance, the framework automates a suite of tests Seacoast Bank performs. And in the credit department, the bank has automated many of the data quality rules, which frees the credit administration staff to concentrate on the credit-worthiness of the portfolio rather than on monitoring data quality. 

 Talend Data Quality helps Seacoast Bank be responsible data caretakers who can rely on high-quality data to better know and serve their customers. 

A full-time employee’s time saved by automating data quality tasks 

Seacoast Bank is banking on a data quality index to measure data quality on six dimensions and track how it improves or degrades as the bank acquires other banks, and as data sources, processes, and the technical environment change. 

Learn more about Seacoast Bank's story and how they were able to achieve this approach to data quality. 

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