How Social Media Network XING is Connecting Systems for Better Business Networking

How Social Media Network XING is Connecting Systems for Better Business Networking

  • Martine Vesco
    Martine Vesco joined Talend in 2016 as a Senior Customer Marketing Manager. In this role, Martine develops and maintains a trusted advisor relationship with key customer contacts and creates Customer Reference programs as well as communities. Prior to Talend, Martine held a number of senior positions in customer marketing at leading software companies such as Dassault Systèmes, Business Objects and Workday.

With more than 15 million members, XING is the leading online business network for professional contacts in German-speaking countries. XING has an advantage in providing local news and job information.

Because the services XING provides are based on acquiring, storing and manipulating high-quality, timely data, it’s essential for the company to be able to efficiently integrate the many sources feeding data into XING’s systems.

But XING had legacy systems, which required them to script their data integration which in turn made it hard to keep track of where data sets were generated. The file formats also presented a challenge, because the data was in Apache Avro format, which is not usually supported by traditional data processing tools.

Handling a vast amount of data in a time-pressured event-streaming environment

XING evaluated several potential solutions for its data integration needs and selected Talend for multiple reasons including its open source approach, wide range of connectors, and its capabilities for metadata management and automated Documentation, its fast adoption of emerging technologies and the ability to enable implementation of new use cases. 

"Data analysis is key for the success of an online network. Talend helps us find in real-time the signals from our data to support decision-making process for a superior user experience.” Mustafa Engin Soezer, Senior Business Intelligence and Big Data Architect, XING SE

XING now uses Talend as the bridge between a 150TB MapR-DB NoSQL on-premise database and a 60TB Exasol database for analytics.

Connecting professionals to make them more productive and successful

Key benefits of XING‘s new integration architecture include understanding the business better now that data is consolidated on one platform and being able to more efficiently run analytics and reports that support better decision-making.

“In addition,” says Soezer, “maintenance costs are reduced and productivity and efficiency have increased.” “Talend is helping us find insights and measure performance against KPIs,” says Soezer. “ For example, we can now more quickly and accurately analyze data and extract metrics and KPIs that are used to drive business strategies all across XING. We also have better statistics on the number of daily and weekly active users, new job postings, number of users who clicked on specific jobs, and more.”

More than 15 million users entrust their personal data to XING. XING, therefore, has a special responsibility to their customers, who all expect the social network to keep their data safe and to handle sensitive information confidentially. Talend is also helping XING to adhere to strict standards of corporate governance, data protection, and GDPR compliance.

“Online business networking is based on trust,” says Soezer. “So it’s critical for compliance to centralize and track metadata,“ “With Talend, we’re centralizing all source and target systems, and can analyze data to determine which one is relevant to what requirement. We can determine if data is private or not. And we can take full control of our data as well as metadata.“

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