PointsBet is Tuning Up for a US Market Breakthrough

Founded in 2016 and launched in February 2017, PointsBet is a cutting-edge online bookmaker in Australia offering both traditional fixed odds markets as well as “PointsBetting – where winnings or losses aren’t fixed but depend on how accurate the bet turns out to be.

Online betting platforms have long recognized the need for a strong, resilient IT infrastructure. Even a minor glitch during a major sporting event can be disastrous. The losses can run into millions of dollars. Good data systems are also needed to comply with a myriad regulation that online bookmakers are subjected to, such as for example providing reports and information to authorities and racing organizations to meet license conditions.

Eyes on a more reliable Cloud data management solution

PointsBet standardized on Talend Cloud and Microsoft Azure due to its scalability to handle peak online gaming requests and agility to quickly spin up new projects. Talend was a natural fit with out-of-the-box native support for Azure Blob Storage, CosmosDB, SQL Data Warehouse, and SQL Server, Azure SQL Server, Native SQL Server and the flexibility to run workloads in the Cloud or on-premises.

Talend Cloud was live in days and for PointsBet, that meant connecting everything to everything, extracting data from every part and system in the organization – transaction, betting, customer and statistical systems – and providing a unified view of all the requested data. Using Talend, PointsBet managed to accelerate development time from eight hours to one.

“Talend Cloud’s quick and successful introduction meant that we were able to comply with regulations and keep our promise and launch into the United States as planned. “Maayan Dermer, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Lead / Solution Architect

Entering the US market

As PointsBet starts launching its online sports betting products throughout the US, Talend Cloud plays a vital role in supporting PointsBet’s ability to quickly expand while ensuring the company maintains compliance with varying state regulations. This is important for compliance but also to gain license permission to operate in new countries.

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Using Talend, PointsBet managed to off-load many software components from their backend engineers. For example, one ETL process that was initially estimated at 2 weeks of work was done in 4-6 hours using Talend. In the future, Talend is set to be expanded to underpin the data needs of the entire Australian business. Once PointsBet expands into more US states, the company is likely to stand up another data warehouse “to consolidate all the data from all of our instances around the world. We’re looking to use Talend for that as well,” Mr. Dermer added.

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