Talend increases its investments in Research & Development in Nantes

Almost three years ago today, to the day, Talend opened its fourth global research and development center, and its second one in France, in Nantes. It was clear to Talend from the very beginning of this new innovation center that it would not be a simple satellite of existing centers, but a key element in our strategy and overall R&D efforts.

Dedicated to innovative cloud, big data, and machine-learning technologies, this center plays a key role in our research and development efforts, creating new products, adding new features and services, increasing functionality, and improving our cloud data integration infrastructure. 


A winning investment!

Today, Talend is increasing its investments in France with the expansion of its research and development center in Nantes. This new innovation center of more than 2600m2 will make it possible to meet the requirements of supporting Talend’s strong growth but also serve to strengthen our foothold in the region’s digital ecosystem.

In 2016, when this center of excellence was opened, our objective was to recruit up to 100 engineers by the end of 2018. This target has been exceeded, with the recruitment of 120 engineers. We are now planning to increase our workforce in Nantes to 250 by 2022. 

We are proud of our ability to attract and retain the best talent to our R&D team, to create a challenging but also rewarding environment where employees can thrive, solve complex issues, and find innovative ways to address current and future challenges in data integration, processing, and governance.

At Talend, we apply agile development methodologies, work with the latest technologies, and have created a modern, flexible, and automated software development process that allows us to deliver high-quality applications and quickly adapt to market changes and the new requirements of our customers and partners.




A local footprint

This day, our team is moving into a new office space where they will have every opportunity to thrive in an environment that is conducive to innovation and collaboration. We also hope that this innovation hub will contribute to the development of the digital economy in Nantes and the broader region. We will therefore also have the pleasure of opening this space to the booming environment of local technology companies, by organizing regular meetings and events, meetups, or hackathons.

By establishing ourselves in Nantes, we had chosen a dynamic, innovative city and region, benefiting from a living environment recognized by those who live there on a daily basis. Nantes benefits from a highly developed digital ecosystem with many startups and innovative companies. And what better example to illustrate this than to mention Talend’s acquisition in November 2017 of Restlet, a Nantes-based leader in cloud API design and testing.

But the area of Nantes also benefits from a pool of students and leading engineering schools that are recognized internationally for the quality of their training. We will work closely with these educational centers of excellence to create joint programs around new cloud and big data technologies, work-linked training, or through the sharing of our expertise around open source technologies such as Apache Spark, Apache Beam, or Hadoop.

It is with great pride and emotion that I would like to thank all of Talend’s employees – developers, DevOps, UX designers and other automation specialists – the public stakeholders who have supported us and made our implementation a success, the digital and educational ecosystem for the opportunities we are given to exchange and learn together.



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