Microsoft Azure & Talend : 3 Real-World Architectures

We know that data is a key driver of success in today data-driven world. Often, companies struggle to efficiently integrate and process enterprise data for fast and reliable analytics, due to reliance on legacy ETL solutions and data silos.

To solve this problem, companies are adopting cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure to modernize their IT infrastructure. To get the most out of their Microsoft Azure investment, however, these organizations need a data integration provider like Talend to seamlessly integrate with their data sources and Azure Cloud services such as Azure Cloud Storage and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

In Talend’s newly published Architect’s Handbook on Microsoft Azure, we featured a few companies that couple the power of Talend and Microsoft Azure solutions to overcome application and data integration challenges in order to modernize their cloud platform for Big Data analytics.

Let’s take a closer look at each use case to pinpoint exactly how each company is utilizing Talend and Azure.

Use Case 1: Maximizing Customer Engagement to Keep a Liquid Petroleum Gas Supplier ahead of the Competition

Maintaining a high level of customer engagement is critical to keeping the competition at bay for any company, yet for a leading British liquid petroleum gas supplier, it requires a Herculean effort. They must keep customer engagement high across a number of criteria ranging from product quality to pricing to supply and operations to a compelling branding and positioning strategy.

One way to ensure great customer engagement is to find the right customer segment and target them with the right messaging at the right time through the right channel. The challenge, however, lies in getting relevant, accurate, and in-depth data of individual customers. Using Talend Big Data Platform to build a cloud data lake on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, this company was able to integrate and cleanse data from multiple sources and deliver real-time insights. With a clear view of each customer segment’s profitability, they could target their customers with customized offers at the right time to maximize engagement.

Use Case 2: Enabling GDPR Compliance and Social Media Analytics to Improve Marketing

Campaigns for a Food, Beverage & Brewing Company Balancing visibility into customer data in order to design effective marketing campaigns while complying with data regulations is not an easy task for the highly-regulated liquor industry, as wine, beer, and spirits companies are not allowed to collect customer or retail store data first-hand with surveys.

The CTO of a century-old large European food, beverage and brewing company with 500 brands was able to achieve this balance, however, with a GDPR-compliant solution that delivers insights on how customers and prospects talk about their products and services on social media platforms in real-time. Using Talend Big Data Platform and Microsoft Azure to build an enterprise cloud data lake, the company was able to analyze various social media data from 450 topics with a daily sample set of up to 80GB and transform over 50 thousand rows of customer data in a time span of 90 days.

Use Case 3: Delivering Real-Time Package Tracking Services by Building a Cloud Data Warehouse

To maintain a premium level of package tracking and delivery service, a leading logistics solution provider needed to consolidate, process and accurately analyze raw data from scanning, transportation, and last mile delivery from a wide range of in-network applications and databases.

They selected Talend for its open source and hybrid nature, its developer-friendly UI, and simple pricing. By deploying Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform the Microsoft Azure cloud environment, they were able to re-architect a legacy infrastructure and build a modern cloud data warehouse that allows them to provide cutting edge services, and shrink package tracking information delays from 6 hours to less than 15 minutes.

Building Your Microsoft Azure and Talend Solution

What’s next? You can get the full whitepaper on how to modernize your cloud platform for Big Data analytics with Talend and Azure here. Additionally – you can try Talend Cloud and start testing Azure integration for free.

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