All the Ways to Connect Your Azure SQL Data Warehouse with Talend

Azure SQL Data Warehouse (DW) has quickly become one of the most important elements of the Azure Data Services landscape. Customers are flocking to Azure SQL DW to take advantage of its rich functionality, broad availability and ease-of-use. As a result, Talend’s world-class capabilities in data integration, data quality and preparation, and data governance are a natural fit with Azure SQL DW.

With Talend’s vast component library, as well as new products being brought in, there are many options for connecting into Azure SQL DW. Here, we will explore those options and help you identify which one is best, based on your organizational needs for data movement, integration, preparation, quality, and governance.

Simple, Fast Ingestion with Stitch Data Loader

The first scenario is that you are simply looking to ingest data from a cloud application data source into your Azure SQL Data Warehouse. In other words, you want to populate your data warehouse. You are not yet concerned with data quality or preparation, as this is “Phase 1”.

In this “Phase 1” approach, your best option is to use Talend Stitch Data Loader. Stitch Data Loader connects to a huge array of popular cloud application sources and allows you to set up ingestion of your data into Azure SQL DW in mere minutes. This is a low-cost subscription option that gives you the ability to populate your data warehouse as quickly and easily as creating a new account on Stitch, choosing your data ingestion source, then setting the destination. Stitch allows you to set an ingestion schedule, as well as options for ingesting only new or updated data.

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Data Warehouse Modernization

The second scenario is that you have far more complex data integration needs. A perfect example of this would be a data warehouse modernization project. You need to move your data from multiple on-premise and cloud data sources into your Azure SQL Data Warehouse. While integrating these disparate data sources together, you are also looking to clean that data and verify that data for accuracy. In this more robust use case, your best option is to use Talend Cloud with Talend Studio. Talend Studio is the design environment with over 900 connectors and components to facilitate all your data integration, ETL, data quality, and data governance needs.

Talend Studio contains over a dozen components for Azure SQL DW alone, including components for bulk loading. This allows to build a DI/ETL job to move huge amounts of data in mass directly into your Azure SQL DW. These jobs can be further enhanced and augmented to include functions for data cleansing, data quality, and data governance.

Once you have built your job in Studio, you can then upload or promote your job to Talend Cloud. With Talend Cloud, you can schedule and deploy this job in a cloud-based application environment, giving you a truly modern architecture for enterprise data integration. With Talend Cloud, you can further enhance this data for the line-of-business user with Talend Data Preparation. These business users can create, define and share preparations, providing key insight into the preferred shape and format of that data, as defined by their business project requirements. Those preparations are then used directly in live data integration jobs.

A Self-Service Data Scenario

The third and final scenario here falls in between the first two, in terms of complexity and needs. In the third scenario, you have multiple data sources to which you need to connect, to populate your Azure SQL DW, and you may want to bulk load this data during this process. You still want to provide business users with the ability to define data preparations, to satisfy their business project requirements. However, you may not need all the functionality around data quality and governance.

Later this year, Talend will look to introduce new and innovative ways to connect to Azure SQL DW, giving even more flexibility with integrating data into your Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Whether your connectivity needs into Azure SQL DW are simple loading and ingestion, or more complex enterprise data integration, with data quality, data preparation, and data governance, Talend has a variety of options available to cover any use case. As you need to move your data into Azure SQL DW, Talend can help.

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