5 Recipes for Not Becoming the Data Turkey of Your Organization

5 Recipes for Not Becoming the Data Turkey of Your Organization

  • David Talaga
    David Talaga is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Data Governance at Talend. David has a rich and diverse marketing experience, including strategic, field, and product marketing roles in data-driven organizations. After graduating from EDHEC, David started his career as a Data analyst in the Healthcare Industry. In 2000, he joined Dassault Systèmes where he held several senior positions, notably heading up the technology partnership program in Augmented Reality and the strategic alliance with Microsoft. In 2006, David joined Microsoft as Product Marketer for the Software Engineering Product Line. In 2014, he became Marketing Manager for a new EdTech Offering at John Wiley and Sons before joining Talend as Product Marketing for Data Governance Solutions.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it's a perfect moment to take a step back and get some recipes to be data savvy within your organization. Fortunately, Talend experts have a recipe for data success that will help you to stay above the fray.

As companies become more data driven, being ahead of the curve will obviously be considered as a sign of curiosity and a way to differentiate. This is also a means for your company to anticipate incoming trends and thrive in a changing world where data has become the subject of concern and heavy regulations.

Follow these simple recipes to anticipate trends, follow regulations or better manage your data.


Recipe #1: Learn more about the Data Kitchen and how to be GDPR Compliant

Recent news is here to remind that not meeting data compliance standards can be damaging for any organization type.  As gdprtoday stated, data complaints appear to be widespread and it won't stop here.


To better understand GPDR, avoid penalties and build proper data governance, follow the guidance of our GPDR Whitepaper that explains how to regain control of your data and get ready with data protection regulations.


Recipe #2:  Open the fridge and discover your Data

While taking GDPR into consideration, it will also be the right time to identify how to better value the data you do have. To do that, you first need to understand what’s inside your data sources and assess it.

Data profiling is the process of examining the data available in different data sources and collecting statistics and information about this data. It helps to assess the quality level of the data according to defined set goals. If data is of a poor quality or managed in structures that cannot be integrated to meet the needs of the enterprise, business processes and decision-making suffer.

The best advice would be to read this post that explains the principals of Data Profiling. If you’re a data engineer, also follow this introduction to Talend Open Studio for Data Quality.


Recipe #3: Engage your guests, cook and enrich data together.

You alone will have a hard time solving all your data quality problems. It can be far better to consider data as an organization priority and not as a sole IT responsibility.  Managing Data Quality beyond IT will involve different responsibilities in your organization to make your data strategy an enterprise wide success. This webinar will explain you the very first steps about collaborative data management. And if you don’t want to fail, this post will provide you with some good recommendations.


Recipe #4: Set the table and let the trust flow freely

Once Data will be cleaned, you would need to provide your teams with a way to share and crawl datasets easily. Follow this webinar  about creating a single point of trust with the newly announced Talend Data Catalog. You’ll learn why a data catalog would benefit your entire company and how to take advantage of it.


Recipe #5: Don’t cook solo. Learn from experienced cooks.

You may look for customer references or good recipes from companies in your industry. Don’t hesitate to download this guide to see how companies fight their data integrity challenges with modern Talend Tools.


Want a dessert?  Why not enjoying a good pecan pie  with this thought leadership IDC whitepaper about intelligent governance ?

And if you’re still hungry, don’t hesitate to download our Definitive Guide to Data Quality.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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