It’s Official! Talend to Welcome Stitch to the Family!

The Acquisition

Today, Talend announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Stitch, a self-service cloud data integration company that provides an exceptionally quick, easy, and intuitive experience in modern cloud environments. With Stitch, Talend will be able to provide both SMB and enterprise customers with a highly efficient way to move data from cloud sources to cloud data warehouses and buy in a frictionless manner.

As companies standardize on using the cloud for analytics, Talend Cloud has become a compelling solution for customers of all sizes to meet their complete data and application needs. We have developed Talend Cloud into the ideal choice by bringing together a broad range of functionality in one platform – from native big data and embedded data quality to enterprise-level CI/CD capabilities and data governance. Now, with the addition of Stitch, Talend customers have an even more comprehensive tool to complete their cloud-first and digital transformation mission.

Why Stitch?

To improve customer experiences, companies need to collect and analyze vast amounts of data across cloud and on-premises systems. When we look deeper at the challenge, it is often the data analysts and business analysts to data engineers who want to want to collect data from their cloud apps, such as Salesforce, Marketo and Google Analytics, and put it into a cloud data warehouse such as Amazon Redshift and Snowflake. And when we look across a company, each department, from marketing to finance to HR to manufacturing has this need to collect more data and derive more insight.

Unfortunately, many companies struggle to efficiently collect data which means they cannot reach their data-driven potential. There may be an IT bottleneck, it may take time to get the systems up and running, or the line of business may be doing it with inefficient hand-coding. This is the problem that Stitch addresses, it provides self-service tools, in the cloud, that automate loading data into cloud data warehouses. And the process of getting started and loading data just takes minutes. So now anyone in a company can easily and quickly load data into a cloud data lake or data warehouse.

At Talend, we saw this emergence of a new data integration category and how it would immediately benefit our customers. Talend provides tools that address all types of integration complexity, where you build data pipelines to collect, govern, transform and share data.  Stitch provides a complementary solution that will enable many more people in an organization to collect more data, which can then be governed, transformed and shared with Talend, which will mean faster and better insight for all.

Stitch is Available for Free Trial Now

Over the next few months, we will build out more features and services that are part of our focus on addressing any integration use cases by connecting any data and application with Talend Cloud in a seamless and frictionless manner.

Stitch is available for purchase or evaluation today. Sign up for a free trial at For complex integration use cases, try Talend Cloud for free at

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