[Step-by-Step] How to Load Salesforce Data Into Snowflake in Minutes

As cloud technologies move into the mainstream at an unprecedented rate, organizations are augmenting existing, on-premise data centers with cloud technologies and solutions—or even replacing on-premise data storage and applications altogether. But in almost any modern environment, data will be gathered from multiple sources at a variety of physical locations (public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise). Talend Cloud is Talend’s Integration Platform-as-a-Service (IPaaS), a modern cloud and on-premises data and application integration platform and is particularly performant for cloud-to-cloud integration projects.

To explore the capabilities and features of Talend Cloud, anyone can start a free trial. Several sample jobs are available for import as part of the Talend Cloud trial to get you familiar with the Talend IPaaS solution. The video below walks you through two sample jobs to load data from Salesforce into a Snowflake database.

To get started, you obviously need to be a user (or trial user) of Talend Cloud, Snowflake cloud data warehouse and Salesforce. Then, there’s a simple 2-step process to migrate Salesforce data to Snowflake, using Talend cloud. The first job will use a snowflake connection to create a user-defined database with three tables in Snowflake. The second job will then migrate these three tables from salesforce.com to the snowflake cloud warehouse.

The full step-by-step process is available here with attached screenshots. Want to try  Talend Cloud? Start your trial today!

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