[Step-by-step] Using Talend for cloud-to-cloud deployments and faster analytics in Snowflake

[Step-by-step] Using Talend for cloud-to-cloud deployments and faster analytics in Snowflake

  • Cameron Davie
    Cameron Davie is a Partner Solution Architect at Talend. Cameron joined Talend one year ago, and has worked in technical partner management in Enterprise Software for over 20 years, most notably with SAP and Birst. Cameron lives on Vancouver Island with his wife and three daughters.

For the past two years, Snowflake and Talend have joined forces developing deep integration capabilities and high-performance connectors so that companies can easily move legacy on-premises data to a built-for-the-cloud data warehouse.

Snowflake, which runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), is a modern data-warehouse-as-a-service built from the ground up for the cloud, for all an enterprise’s data, and all their users. In the first part of this two-part blog series, we discussed the use of Talend to bulk load data into Snowflake. We also showcased the ability to use Talend to perform ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) functions on Snowflake data, allowing you to take full advantage of Snowflake’s processing power and ease-of-use SQL querying interface to transform data in place.

This second video highlights Talend’s ability to harness the power of pure cloud deployments, making it possible to keep your data in place until it’s needed in Snowflake. By running Talend jobs directly in the cloud, no data is ever processed client-side, no remote processing is required. As a result, the governance and restrictions that you have implemented to secure your data remain intact. In addition to the security benefits, you get the full computing performance of Snowflake. Once that data is required in Snowflake, it is moved or copied seamlessly and directly into Snowflake from your cloud provider location.

The video walks you through the entire process. From extracting data from an Amazon S3 bucket to moving that data into a Snowflake data warehouse using Talend Cloud. Talend Cloud provides an easy-to-use platform to process this data in the cloud, and then leverage the power and ease-of-use of Snowflake to access and analyze that data in the cloud.

Talend Cloud with Snowflake delivers cloud analytics 2 to 3 times faster, in a governed way.

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