[Step-by-Step] Using Talend to Bulk Load Data in Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse

[Step-by-Step] Using Talend to Bulk Load Data in Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse

  • Cameron Davie
    Cameron Davie is a Partner Solution Architect at Talend. Cameron joined Talend one year ago, and has worked in technical partner management in Enterprise Software for over 20 years, most notably with SAP and Birst. Cameron lives on Vancouver Island with his wife and three daughters.

In the last 3 years, IT has moved to the center of many business-critical discussions taking place in the boardroom.  Chief among these discussions are those focused on digital transformation, especially those around operational effectiveness and customer centricity.  A critical component for the success of these initiatives is the ability for the business to make timely business decisions and to do so with confidence. To do this, you must have 100% confidence in your ability to access and analyze all the relevant data.

The Rise of Cloud

Among the major technology shifts that are fostering this digital transformation, the rise of cloud has provided companies with innovative and compelling ways to interact with their teams, customers and business partners.

However, organizations often find themselves limited by their capabilities to work with the vast amount of data available. Most IT organizations don’t have the ability to access all the useful data available in a timely manner to fulfill business organizations’ request. This gap between the IT teams and business groups is limiting organizations’ ability to fully take advantage of the digital transformation.

One way to solve those challenges is to create a data lake with a Cloud Data Warehouse.

Talend Cloud & Snowflake

Through the economics of using a Cloud Data Warehouse, you can store significantly more information for less budget, you can dramatically expand the types of data that can be analyzed and drive deeper insight, to provide the ability for users to have a self-service capability.

Talend Cloud and Snowflake in the cloud enable you to connect a broad set of source and target data such as structured and unstructured data sources. 

In the video below, you'll learn how you can use Talend to quickly and easily load your data coming from various sources and bulk load that data directly into tables in a Snowflake data warehouse. Once the data has been bulk loaded into Snowflake, you can further use Talend to perform ELT (Extract/Load/Transform) functions on that data within Snowflake. This allows you to take full advantage of Snowflake’s processing power and ease-of-use SQL querying interface to transform data in place.

If you handle large volumes of data (to the petabytes) and you need a fast and scalable data warehouse, Talend will be the right solution to access and load data to a Cloud data warehouse and then give everyone in your organization access to the data when and where they need it! Start your free trial here

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