Surfing the Big Data Wave – Our 3 Key Takeaways from The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Fabric, Q2 2018

Surfing the Big Data Wave – Our 3 Key Takeaways from The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Fabric, Q2 2018

  • Isabelle Nuage
    Isabelle Nuage is Director of Product Marketing for Big Data at Talend. Her field of expertise include Data Integration, Big Data and Analytics. Isabelle brings more than 19 years of experience in the software industry holding various leadership positions in product marketing at SAP & Business Objects.

This edition of the Forrester Wave is yet another proof of the profound changes in the data market. New innovations are helping companies extract more value from data faster than ever before.  In just 18 months, a new wave is breaking. These are our 3 takeaways.

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1) Legacy is out

In a world where big data and cloud are colliding, the pace of innovation rewards agile and penalizes complexity. With big data workloads now moving to the cloud, data-driven companies can reach virtually infinite scale, but current economics are not sustainable at scale. 

That’s what makes incumbents and new players drift apart: The usual incumbents mostly capitalize on their legacy while new players can adopt innovations more quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost. Legacy is out.

2) Continuous innovation is in

According to Forrester, “[Big data fabric] minimizes complexity by automating processes, workflows, and pipelines, generating code automatically, and streamlining data to simplify deployment” and Talend’s platform “simplifies the process of working with Hadoop and Spark distributions as well as new technologies like serverless computing and containers.”

Here at Talend, we believe that continuous innovation is the key to a modern data architecture, and we view recognition by Forrester of Talend as a Leader as validation of our position as the next generation leader.

3) The Cloud makes everything possible

Cloud has also opened the door to new workloads making a broader array of use cases possible. Data workloads are more numerous, more complex and data types are more varied. They are also processed differently and automated.

The future is in the cloud, and a big data fabric enables you to take full advantage of what the cloud has to offer. As per Forrester report: “The Leaders […] identified support a broader set of use cases, enhanced AI and machine learning capabilities, and offer good scalability features. The Strong Performers have turned up the heat on the incumbent Leaders to offer more data management features and deployment options”


Today, we are proud to announce that we are a leader in the Forrester Wave Big Data Fabric! Talend earned the highest scores of any vendor in the report in both the Current Offering and Strategy categories, two of the three high-level categories Forrester evaluated in this report.

We strongly believe that these scores are a result of what we provide data-driven companies with. Our unified data integration platform help companies liberate all their data to deliver faster and greater insights for their business. But don’t take our word for it, read the report.

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