Why Paddy Power Betfair Bet on a Cloud Architecture for Big Data

Why Paddy Power Betfair Bet on a Cloud Architecture for Big Data

  • Martine Vesco
    Martine Vesco joined Talend in 2016 as a Senior Customer Marketing Manager. In this role, Martine develops and maintains a trusted advisor relationship with key customer contacts and creates Customer Reference programs as well as communities. Prior to Talend, Martine held a number of senior positions in customer marketing at leading software companies such as Dassault Systèmes, Business Objects and Workday.


Sports betting and e-gaming companies operate in a fast-paced, highly competitive and regulated market. They’re open 24/7/365, and are constantly striving to provide customers with the best online sports betting experience or risk seeing those customers go to a competitor.

Formed in 2016, Paddy Power Betfair (PPB) is the world’s largest publicly quoted sports betting and gaming company, bringing “excitement to life” for five million customers worldwide. The merger of Paddy Power and Betfair in 2016 created an additional data challenge for an already highly data-driven organization. The merged company had to bring together 70TB of data, from dozens of sources, into an integrated platform.  

A high volume/low latency environment

To track betting and games results down to the second and deliver the best customer experience, PPB needs to manage massive volumes of data and then access and serve it with very low latency levels. But PPB’s data volumes are not only massive, they vary greatly over time.

In order to deal with the huge spikes in usage on days with popular sporting events, like the United Kingdom’s Grand National horse race, Paddy Power Betfair is leveraging the cloud (a virtual private cloud environment to be more specific) with a data platform on AWS using S3, Redshift and Aurora. Talend fits perfectly with PPB’s cloud strategy.

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Providing a better customer experience while cutting data delivery times in half

Using Talend Real-Time Big Data and the cloud, PPB gets a 360-degree customer view, drives customer engagement and optimizes the betting experience. The goal is to make sure its gamers keep coming back and that they enjoy a quick, reliable, and glitch-free experience, even during large sporting events.

To better understand their customer's preferences, PPB went back to data. Big data analysis outlined two customer segmentation types across both brands, with little overlap. Betfair customers tend to be “money-centric,” focusing on the best odds and the site’s reliability. They’re also more interested in football and racing bets. Paddy Power customers are “thrill-seekers” and “social,” seeking the best entertainment and ease-of-use, and with more emotional attachment to the brand. The business also gets timely and consistent measurements of business performance across products, channels and brands.

In the world of online betting, data agility is critical. 

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