Talend Joins the Open API Initiative to Further API Standards and Interoperability

Talend Joins the Open API Initiative to Further API Standards and Interoperability

  • Jerome Louvel
    Jérôme Louvel is the creator of APISpark and the Restlet Framework (first REST API framework for Java) and Restlet Platform (API PaaS for DevOps Teams). He is a specialist of web APIs and entrepreneur. He founded Restlet, a cloud-based API design and testing platform for developers, in 2005, which was later acquired by Talend in November 2017. Jerome is also a book author, InfoQ editor and public speaker.

Today, we announced our new membership in the OpenAPI Initiative, an open source collaborative governance organization led by the Linux Foundation, which focuses on standardizing how web APIs are defined and utilized to drive industry adoption, interoperability and best practices.

My former company, Restlet, a cloud-based API design and testing platform for developers, acquired by Talend in November 2017, was a founding member of the OpenAPI Initiative in November 2015. Thus, it is with great enthusiasm that I’m proud to lead Talend’s involvement in both the OpenAPI Initiative specifically, and the Linux Foundation more broadly.

When we started the OpenAPI Initiative, the initial goal was to create an opportunity for the API community to unite around a common language that facilitates the integration among various API tools offered by both open source projects and commercial vendors. Today, the OpenAPI Initiative is comprised of more than 30 industry-leading members, including Google, IBM, Microsoft, MuleSoft, Oracle/Apiary, 3Scale/RedHat, SAP, and others, that are committed to promoting interoperability, fostering closer collaboration, and ultimately furthering developer innovation and success.

Today, nearly every application uses APIs to connect with corporate data sources, third party data services or other applications, making them the glue within modern data architectures. Creating a clearly described, universally agreed to format for API services that is vendor neutral, portable, open and understandable by both humans and machines is critical.

Now that Restlet has joined with Talend’s broader data integration portfolio, we will have the opportunity to develop new, more advanced applications of the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) that will help drive the full API lifecycle, as well as augment use of APIs within the Talend Data Fabric platform.

As part of its OpenAPI Initiative participation, Talend will also become a member of the Linux Foundation, which is dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and commercial adoption. This couldn’t be more fitting as open source has been at the core of Talend technology since the beginning and has always been a strong supporter of the open source community. As such, Talend is also sponsor of and active contributor to the Apache Software Foundation, a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation, and a founding member of OW2.

Stay tuned for more updates on develops from the OpenAPI Initiative and forthcoming Talend product enhancements that will help both our current customers and other companies achieve their digital transformation goals.

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