Talend and Snowflake: Building a Cloud Data Warehouse Ready for Analytics

Cloud data migration is one of the unavoidable stages of any company’s cloud journey. While almost everyone agrees that legacy on-premises data needs to move to the cloud, the question remains how to easily migrate to a cloud data warehouse.

In May 2017, Talend announced the availability of a native Snowflake Connector for Talend Cloud Platform. The video series below explains how IT teams can use Talend and Snowflake to build a cloud data warehouse that is tailored for analytics.

The Snowflake Connector makes it easy to integrate Talend with Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse.

The first video goes through the step-by-step process to create a new Snowflake connection in Talend and then migrate data into Snowflake’s data warehouse in the cloud. Establishing the connection and selecting the Snowflake tables to import in the Talend metadata repository is all that is required to migrate data to Snowflake data warehouse in the Talend Studio.

More complex tasks can also easily be completed in the Talend Studio. The second video of the series presents some more advanced data integration capabilities such as simultaneously mapping and loading multiple inputs thanks to a bulk loader. With the ELT mapping component, it’s simple and quick to combine several data inputs to blend/merge data all running locally on the powerful engines of Snowflake.

The third video gives an overview of the entire Talend cloud platform and focuses on its data preparation capabilities to get datasets ready for cloud analytics. For instance, data users can enrich their Salesforce data with external data and clean it within Talend Data Preparation before using Talend Cloud to load data into their analytical data warehouse within Snowflake. This enables business teams to get the best datasets to efficiently run their analytics or create forecasts.

Ultimately, the combined capabilities of Snowflake and Talend provide IT and business teams with simplicity and improved productivity. They can focus on business outcomes rather than infrastructure management.

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