Tackling the API Driven Future with Restlet and Talend


Today we announced the acquisition of Restlet, a leading, open source-based platform that simplifies the design, development, testing and hosting of APIs in the cloud. This is an exciting development for Talend, our partners, and customers. With Restlet onboard, we can accelerate our vision of data services that will allow our customers to securely share and monetize data with an API-first approach as part of Talend’s Integration Cloud (iPaaS) platform.

As companies digitally transform, the demand for data sharing is increasing from employees, customers, partners and suppliers. Sharing data can lead to security and governance challenges, missteps can lead to significant financial penalties not to mention a loss in customer confidence, and dirty data can lead poor decisions. To facilitate secure and governed sharing of data, companies need a new, more pervasive integration solution that will allow them to easily create APIs for data sharing that will also apply consistent data security, quality and masking rules for consumer and customer protection.

Restlet pioneered an industry leading, cloud-based platform to consume, design, test and deploy APIs. The Restlet Framework is the world’s most widely used, open source, REST API design environment for Java. The platform makes it easy for developers and non-technical users to distribute APIs for mobile, social, cloud and IoT applications. Restlet’s approach is aligned with Talend’s in that both companies deliver open source solutions and believe in self-service data applications to empower a broad set of data users within organizations.

Immediately, Talend’s customers can start using the Restlet platform to develop and test APIs. Check out this demonstration of a Talend integration connected to a Restlet API. With Restlet customers can take an API first approach in the development of their integrations. By developing the API and establishing all the variables and contracts required, the integration needs are better understood which will streamline the development of data pipelines that support the API. Of course, building open APIs are of paramount importance to API providers. One the key benefits of the Restlet is its support for both Swagger and RAML, two of the most popular specifications for developing APIs on the market right now. With Restlet you easily switch between the two frameworks allowing easier interoperability and re-use of your APIs, no matter what your partners preferred standard may be.

With the Restlet team and technology onboard, the Talend team will be working hard to integrate the API design, testing and deployment capabilities into the Talend platform. The first place that Talend customers will see these changes is in the Talend Integration Cloud platform.

In the slightly longer term, Talend’s vision is to deliver a Data-as-a-Service offering that will allow our customers to govern the sharing of data with their clients, partners and suppliers. Keep your eyes open for more information about Data-as-a-Service in 2018!

Read the Press Release here.

Watch the demo of Restlet and Talend here.

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