[Podcast] What’s Next for Apache Beam? Featuring Frances Perry of Google


This year, the Apache Software Foundation announced that Apache Beam was established as a new top-level project. A little over two years ago, Google committed its Dataflow SDK to the Apache Software Foundation, which provides a programming model used to express Data processing pipelines very easily.

Talend has a long history with the Apache Software Foundation (and already has committers on key Enterprise Apache projects such as Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF, Karaf, Syncope or Falcon) and has been focusing a lot on developer productivity. Given this, as Google announced its proposal for Dataflow to become an Apache Software Foundation incubator project, it became very natural for Talend to join with them to help accelerate development along with a few other companies that share similar interests and core values.

I recently had the pleasure to sit down with two prominent Apache Beam committers, Frances Perry, PMC and Jean-Baptiste Onofre, PMC to talk about where the Apache Beam project is at today, how it’s being used in the real-world and what the future of the project looks like. Download the podcast or listen below to join me on a deep dive into Apache Beam! 

Follow Frances Perry (@francesjperry)

Follow Jean-Baptiste Onofre (@jbonofre)

Visit beam.apache.org to join the Beam community and get involved.


Podcast Topic Guide:

Part 1: The History of Apache Beam

Part 2: Apache Beam Use Cases in the Real World

Part 3: Where is the Apache Beam Headed Next?


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