Boost Your Data Skills with Talend’s “Summer of Open Source” Live Stream Series

Boost Your Data Skills with Talend’s “Summer of Open Source” Live Stream Series


The best part of summertime is being able to step back from the hectic day-to-day activities most of us get mired down in throughout the year, and take up a new activity we find exciting, challenging and fun!  Knowing that developers like to keep their minds constantly engaged—no matter if they’re on vacation or not—the team at Talend wants to make it easier for developers to familiarize themselves and master some of the more cutting-edge technologies this summer.

Starting Tuesday, July 18th and running through September, we’ll be live streaming Talend demos, looking at ways to connect Talend to Amazon’s Alexa API to replicating tables from MySQL and offloading data into the cloud on Talend’s Facebook channel. We’re calling this our  “Summer of Open Source” series and anyone and everyone is invited to tune in every other Tuesday throughout the Summer to learn new skills, ask questions of Big Data and Cloud experts, collaborate with peers on project challenges in order to find solutions, etc.

The new series will be hosted by Nick Piette and Mark Balkenende. They’ll bring the demos (and some prizes), and all you need to bring are your ideas, your open source projects, key questions and your computer.

Talend’s Summer of Open Source Schedule is as follows:     

Session 1: Fun with Salesforce, AWS S3 and the Twitter API Using Talend

When: Tuesday, July 18th @ 10:00am PDT

Where: Talend Facebook Channel

What: We’ll start you off with a quick tour of the Talend product and get you familiar with the connectors we will be using. Then, we’ll show you how to connect to Salesforce using the studio and setup wizards to extract customer data. After, we’ll show you how to load that same customer data securely into an existing Amazon S3 storage bucket in a single job. Finally, we’ll walk you through connecting and utilizing the Twitter API to subscribe to tweets.

Session 2: Shadow IT Strikes Back

When: Tuesday, August 15th @ 10:00am PDT

Where: Talend Facebook Channel

What: See how Talend Open Studio can use flat files and web services to connect, transform, and load into Amazon Redshift, and Lithium, the community platform that powers the Talend Discussion Boards.

Session 3: Diving Head First into Database Tables and Cloud Data Warehousing with Azure

When: Tuesday, August 29th @ 10:00am PDT

Where: Talend Facebook Channel

What: We’ll take a dive into some database tables using Talend Open Studio to read schemas from both MySQL and Oracle and offload data into a file. We’ll also be showcasing new capabilities with Microsoft Azure.

Session 4: “Hey Alexa, What Can You Do with Talend?”

When: Tuesday, September 5th @ 10:00am PDT

Where: Talend Facebook Channel

What: In this demo, you’ll learn how to connect Talend to Amazon Alexa to run Tabulation counts. API analytics, it’s going to be a demo you’ll want to follow along with!

If you are interested the in connecting with other developers in the Talend community, tune in each week for interactive live demos and projects with our Talend experts. Also, don’t worry if you happen to miss a session, all episodes will also be made available on demand.

Beyond the Summer of Open source, we would love for you all to remain engaged and connected with us throughout the year by heading into our brand new Community Site where you can interact with other developers, thought leaders and innovators to blaze a new path forward using the very latest cloud and big data technologies.

Happy summer and we hope to see you on the stream!

P.S. Looking for the Talend Open Studio download? Get it right here!

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