Talend Summer ’17: What’s New in Self-Service Apps?

Talend Summer ’17: What’s New in Self-Service Apps?


Since the launch of our Winter ’17 release of Talend, we’ve offered a new range of self-service data management applications that accelerate and facilitate digital transformation at all levels of your organization. Indeed, one of the main keys of successful digital transformation initiatives is the ability to put the data in the hands of your users, as well as exploit their experience and knowledge of the data.

The free version of Talend Data Preparation allows any authorized user to access, transform, share and integrate data files from any source to any target. You get relevant and clean data in just a few minutes rather than hours essentially flipping the old 80/20 adage of data prep. You can download the free desktop version of Talend Data Preparation here.

Talend Data Stewardship enables you to mobilize a particular business expert and organize data optimization campaigns across the enterprise as a catalyst for data knowledge by enabling enterprise data to be corrected, merged, and certified in time control.

Together, Talend Data Preparation and Talend Data Stewardship complement each other to disseminate the data-driven culture by enabling business users to be both data preparers and data stewards. Therefore, both applications share the same user interface and are combined in the same user license. So, with the Summer '17 release of Talend, what have we added to enhance these data applications? Let's dive into some new features.

Operationalizing Self-Service Data, A Key to Successful Digital Transformation

Only a governed self-service data application enables autonomous users, accessing and sharing data immediately with intuitive tools in complete safety and confidence. Read this blog to understand why Talend is the only one to offer this data governance model.

For its part, IT must be able to operationalize robust self-service at enterprise scale. To do this, Talend Data Preparation 2.1 (Summer '17) now manages the versioning of your data preparations. This allows business users to trace their own changes as well as their colleagues’ changes in shared environments. They capitalize on their own experience and then are enabled to share it and so all users can improve data quality faster. IT, in return, knows for sure which version of data preparation to integrate in their workflows of jobs.

In addition, IT can now promote user's preparations on the different development, test and production environments. IT complies with best practices and DevOps standards with Talend Data Preparation 2.1.

Versioning Your Data Preparations

Similarly, the free version of Talend Data Prep also allows users capitalize on their experience by migrating their preparations to the commercial version of Talend Data Preparation for reuse. This migration capability contributes to the operationalization of data preparation throughout the organization because it allows users to share the preparations made individually with the other users.

The security of access, and therefore of the data, is one of the main concerns of  IT teams when they deploy and operationalize applications. Yet, it must not downgrade the user experience. Therefore, the two Talend self-service applications now benefit from a Single Sign-On, which increases the security level through centralized authentication managed by an Identity Access Management (IAM) system, while streamlining the user experience that saves time when connecting.

Apply Data Preparation to Real-Time Big Data

Enterprise-wide operationalization also implies the ability to apply data preparation to any type of data flow, regardless of the scenario of integration of these streams: batch or streaming. The Talend Data Preparation 2.0 version made it possible to democratize big data. Talend Data Preparation version 2.1 further extends its technological performance by integrating data preparations with Real-Time Big Data integration jobs with support for the Spark Streaming runtime. In other words, your data preparations are now applicable to big data flows that arrive continuously. The Data Preparation per Talend integrates definitively into all Big Data projects.

User Autonomy Out of the Box

The aim of self-service is to make the users autonomous, both during their set-up, discovery, and preparation of their data. Talend Data Preparation provides a dictionary of semantic types of data, allowing self-identification of data types, self-diagnosis of data quality according to their type and consequently the auto-suggestion of the cleaning and data transformation functions.

Since Talend Data Preparation 2.0, the application has been able to speak the language of your own data: its dictionary takes into account your specific semantic types like your product codes, customer numbers, etc. Now in version 2.1, the dictionary interface opens to any user who can intuitively and without training to add, delete, manage new specific semantic types. The dictionary is operated by Talend Data Preparation and Talend Data Stewardship. It is a lever of productivity as well as an improvement of the user experience.

The Talend Data Preparation Dictionary Services

Talend Data Stewardship Expands Functional Coverage and Industrialization

In the next blog, we’ll look at the new features in Talend’s Data Stewardship Application in Summer '17. In the meantime, you can get a full list of new features and capabilities by watching our on-demand webinar.

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