How to Achieve Business Transformation Using Talend and Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

How to Achieve Business Transformation Using Talend and Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

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Transformation isn’t easy, but increasingly, enterprises are realizing that making their business more data-driven is imperative to gaining a competitive edge on the market. As in any business transformation, aligning people, processes and technology is essential to drive organizational change, but these can also be the most challenging aspects to modify. In order for businesses to achieve their full digital potential, they must align LoB and IT organizations and the IT organizations must be able to support fast, secure, and agile integration of applications and data at a global scale. 

In Talend’s newly published Cloud Architects’ Handbook, we featured a few  companies that couple the power of Talend and AWS solutions to overcome application and data integration challenges in order to successfully transform their businesses.

Let’s take a closer look at each use case to pinpoint exactly how each company is utilizing Talend and AWS architectures.

USE CASE 1: Transforming Operational Reporting Systems in a Global Pharmaceutical Company

Setting long-term strategy is critical for a company’s growth because it helps focus efforts and align teams. Having accurate data to provide needed insight lays the foundation for creating a sound strategy. In our first use case, a leading pharmaceutical company was struggling to define such a growth plan and urgently needed to consolidate multiple operational systems globally to ensure timely delivery of accurate KPI data in order to help best define its business strategy.

For companies that are not familiar with advanced integration solutions, the consolidation process could be daunting, not only because of time constraints, but also because of the costs and siloed nature of the data. Fortunately, this pharmaceutical company partnered with Talend for its fast, unified, and scalable data integration services. By deploying the Talend Data Integration  and Talend Application Integration platforms on Amazon S3 and using  Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Aurora, AWS Elastic Beanstalk , and a few other AWS products, they designed and built a modern, cloud-based operational reporting infrastructure that delivers accurate data insights near real-time at minimal cost.

USE CASE 2: Optimizing Medical Treatment Using Public Clinical Trials Datasets

Without a doubt, bringing a new drug such as a cancer or tumor treatment to market is a time intensive, expensive and massively scrutinized undertaking for any pharmaceutical company. One of the ways to accelerate time-to-market for a new drug is to make use of publicly available datasets consisting of detailed clinical studies. In the second use case, our customer, another global pharmaceutical company, faces the challenge of streamlining and transforming massive amounts of complex and hierarchical XML files concerning clinical trials.

Using the Talend Big Data Platform, Amazon S3 , Amazon VPC,  AWS Auto Scaling Group and finally a critical AWS product Amazon Redshift, a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse that makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze data using existing business intelligence tools, the pharmaceutical company was able to streamline and transform over 52K XML files of clinical trial information into a presentable format capable of being shared with the FDA, which significantly improved product time-to-market. 

USE CASE 3: A FORTUNE 500 food and beverage service retailer created more targeted campaigns using real-time social and mobile data

More often than not, today’s digitally-savvy companies are using mobile and social data for more targeted marketing campaigns. In this case, our client, a FORTUNE 500 food and beverage service retailer wanted to look beyond its retail merchant data and into its mobile app and social media channels of its end consumers to better understand customer preferences and purchasing behavior. However, their traditional extract, transform and load (ETL) system limited their business users’ ability to do so. In this scenario, it is critical to use a fully-managed cluster platform such as Amazon EMR that simplifies running big data framework like Apache Hadoop and Spark.  And by using the Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform, together with Amazon S3, and Amazon EMR, they were able to perform predictive analysis from a sample set of 10 million app users in a secure AWS cloud environment and create more targeted marketing campaigns to their end consumers.

The net-net of all this is if you download and read a free copy of the Cloud Architects’ Handbook, you will learn how combining AWS and Talend solutions empowers enterprises to transform their businesses by overcoming data integration challenges in a highly secure and scalable manner.

Download your free copy of this eBook today or visit Talend AWS Cloud Integration page for more information.

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