Accelerate Data Lake Creation and Software Development Lifecycles with Talend Integration Cloud Winter ’17

Accelerate Data Lake Creation and Software Development Lifecycles with Talend Integration Cloud Winter ’17

  • Jennifer Zhou
    Jennifer Zhou joined Talend as a Product Marketing Manager in 2016. In this role, Jennifer works with the Director of Product Marketing for Cloud to bring Talend Integration Cloud to new markets, and to drive Talend’s cloud strategy. Prior to Talend, Jennifer studied at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, where she picked up an MBA with a concentration in Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Jennifer brings 6 years of marketing and business development experience from companies such as EMC, F5 Networks, and Microsoft.


Today, we announced the general availability of the Winter ’17 release of Talend Integration Cloud, an Integration-as-a-Service (iPaaS) platform. This release helps customers build data lakes dramatically faster using AWS S3 and reduce data security vulnerabilities through controlled access. The new release also enables customers to continuously deliver integration projects, accelerate the software development lifecycle with seperate environments, and speed widespread Salesforce adoption.

Create Data Lakes Faster

There are several reasons why the Winter ‘17 release should be extremely attractive to our customers and prospects. For starters, if customer data lakes are built on S3, or they are considering moving their data lakes to S3, Talend Winter ’17 offers improved support for AWS functionalities that help customers create data lakes quickly using:

* Fast, Easy Uploading of Large Files: This feature is extremely useful for customers that need to upload any file object greater than 100 MB. You can now break larger objects into ‘chunks’ and upload a number of these multiple file parts in parallel—a tremendous time savings! If the upload of a certain file part fails, you can easily restart it. Simply put, customers can upload massive volumes of data without having to worry about an unreliable network connection.

* Low Cost, Reliable Message Transmission with Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS): Amazon SQS is a fast and reliable message queuing service that is often used to transmit large volumes of data without losing communications or requiring other services to be available. With Talend’s new native connector for Amazon SQS, customers can incorporate a highly scalable messaging cluster into the integration workflow.


Accelerate Integration Projects with Continuous Delivery

Most customers are challenged by the wide range of adoption and customization work required for SaaS apps and platforms. Additionally, the demands of the modern enterprises require multiple QA checks to ensure software will perform at its utmost efficiency. Talend Winter ’17 includes capabilities for development teams to incorporate continuous delivery into their software development lifecycle (SDLC) that enables enterprises to plan and execute integration projects frequently, quickly, and in a frictionless manner, which speeds time to market.

* Create Separate Environments for Each Specific Stage of the SDLC

The SDLC process includes three simple steps:

  1. Development - A developer creates a job in Talend Studio (with environment creation capabilities).
  2. QA - Upon creation of a job, a developer publishes it to the cloud in the QA environment. A QA engineer then receives the job, configures and tests it. If the job passes the test, the QA engineer notifies the Ops engineer and creates a specific workspace for it.
  3. Production - The Ops engineer receives the notification and promotes the job to the production environment by either selecting publication to all environments or putting each job in a particular workspace.

Simple and seamless, right? Customers can even further streamline their SDLC process by creating and managing role-specific security and configuration policies, another new feature in this release. This dramatically enhances software development security, prevents unintentional or unauthorized access, and greatly improves operational efficiency.


Connect with Partners and Customers Faster using Salesforce

The Winter ’17 release of Talend Integration Cloud provides support for the Salesforce Sales, Salesforce Service, and Wave Summer ’16 APIs. This new functionality enables Talend Integration Cloud customers and prospects to connect with customers, employees, and partners more efficiently by taking full advantage of all Salesforce Summer ’16 features.

Where to Learn More

In addition to the new features cited above, there are some additional product enhancements in Talend Winter ’17 that customers may find beneficial for integration projects. For more detailed information about the new features in the Winter ’17 release of Talend Integration Cloud, check out the following resources:

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