My Challenge to Informatica: Let’s Play

You may have read some of the back and forth between Talend and Informatica regarding Talend’s big data speed benchmark against Informatica.

While there are several claims and concerns made by each side, Informatica’s chief complaint is that they launched a brand new product in November, after we ran the benchmark.  They claim it’s faster than ours.  We disagree, so here’s my challenge:  Let’s set up a joint benchmark using a mutually agreeable third party.  Let’s use a certified configuration agreeable to both of us, a mutually agreed benchmark, and allow both companies to give technical guidance to the company running the benchmark.  And let the best product win.  I’m betting its Talend.  If you choose to hide behind your lawyers and publish misleading marketing fluff instead, then we know you secretly agree with me too.  If you really believe in your product, then let’s have some fun together.


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