Letting Your Data Quality Software Understand Your Data

Letting Your Data Quality Software Understand Your Data


When profiling your data, sometimes you just don’t know which columns you should look into or what you should validate in them. How much would it help if your data profiling software understood your data and helped you select the relevant quality indicators?

This is exactly what the new Talend 6 semantic wizard is designed to do in Talend Studio! You will also be able to use Semantic Discovery to enrich your Ontology repository with semantic categories and analysis results.

So with that, I’ll leave you to enjoy our video that helps you get started faster with data profiling through automatic semantic discovery. It’s one of our how-to video series we are currently posting here, so check back often.

Remember, if you don’t already have Talend installed, you can still play along with the video by downloading a free trial.

First part of the video:

Second part of the video:

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