A Surprisingly Simple but Effective Masking System


I used to watch the TV show Zorro as a kid — fantastic stuff.  While it never put me off watching, I do distinctly recall thinking how absolutely ludicrous it was that nobody could figure out that Zorro was actually nobleman, Don Diego de la Vega. Come on people, they have the same moustache for Pete’s sake!

But here’s the thing, Zorro had that mask, a simple but apparently effective disguise that obscured him just enough to fool almost everyone in the village — even if it didn’t manage to dupe five-year-old me.

Of course, this is a super long way to introduce you to another simple, but effective masking system — one for masking sensitive data. As many of you will know, Data Masking is the process of scrambling sensitive information in order to protect it, while still making it available and useful for things like software testing and user training.

Data Masking is becoming a very important part of managing data across development, testing, training and reporting environments. It allows real data to exist in databases, but be ‘cloaked’ before it reaches users without the need or security clearance required to access the proprietary information (folks like internal developers or perhaps representatives from external partners).

So with that, I leave you to enjoy our video on Data Masking. It is the first in a series of how-to videos we’ll be posting here, so check back often.

Remember, if you don’t already have Talend installed, you can still play along with the video by download a free trial.

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