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certification exams

Validate your skills and experience with Talend products

Get recognition for your Talend expertise

Talend Academy certification exams give you a chance to assess your knowledge of Talend products, how they’re used, and the underlying methods required to successfully implement quality projects. Talend offers two types of certification examinations:

  • Test-based examinations last an hour on average and include a combination of different question types
  • Lab-based examinations are completed over two days in proctored online or onsite sessions

When taking an exam, all candidates will be required to accept this exam agreement. During the exam, your machine will be locked down via a secure browser that restricts access to screenshots, print functions, or chat functions.

Register for a test-based exam

You can take the exam on your own PC or laptop from any quiet location with an internet connection. Our secure online assessment platform ensures the value of your certification, and a remote proctor will observe your exam via a webcam to protect the integrity of the examination process. Registration and scheduling are available online at any time.

Book a lab-based exam

After you’ve received test-based certification, you are ready to take the lab-based professional exam. Lab-based exams take place over the course of two days, under the observation of a proctor. You can take the exam on your own PC or laptop from any quiet location with an internet connection.

In-person proctoring can be scheduled on-site in your offices, subject to availability for an additional charge of 30 Instructor Led Training (ILT) credits for groups of up to 8.

To register for a credential exam attempt, Talend customers should contact training administration, while Talend partners should visit the Talend Partner Portal Request Center. Please include the names and email addresses of exam candidates in your request.

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