Ingest data from any source. Add powerful data quality and governance capabilities. Get started in 5 minutes.
Scale seamlessly as your company grows and leverage Snowflake without worrying about incorrect or incomplete data.

Ingest data from anywhere - even beyond the cloud.

Make it simple to ingest data from anywhere – across cloud, multi-cloud, and even on-premises or hybrid environments.

Work with data you can trust for real-time insight.

Ensure good decisions with essential data quality and data governance for trustworthy data in Snowflake.

Leverage data beyond natively supported types.

Enable Snowflake to deal with new data types by easily extracting and transforming any kind of data from any source or application, structured or unstructured.

Get started in minutes and only use the resources you need.

Just like Snowflake, Talend starts instantly, scales up and down as you need it, and is simple and easy to use.

Together, Talend and Snowflake simplify and accelerate big data analytics in the cloud.

To explore further, take a look at how how to leverage your Snowflake cloud data warehouse with Talend.

Migrate Data to your Snowflake Warehouse

Use Talend Cloud to migrate your existing cloud database to Snowflake faster than you can imagine.

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Load Salesforce Data Into Snowflake in Minutes

Build your own flow to get Salesforce data into Snowflake quickly and easily.

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What Our Customers Say

“Talend and Snowflake provide the necessary infrastructure to accommodate and sustain massive growth in our data assets and user groups over time, enabling us to maximize the value of our investments.”

Maria Cipicchio, Director of Campaign and Segment Strategy, DRG

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