Simple user-based pricing with no data tax or surprises.

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Open Source

FREE to all users


Stitch Data Loader

 Free Edition: $0/month
Paid Edition: $100-1,000/month


Cloud Data Integration

Monthly: $1,170/user
Annual: $12,000/user (save 15%)


Data Fabric

Includes big data integration, data governance, application integration, custom services and mission-critical support.


on your terms

Monthly subscription means no long-term commitment and gives you the flexibility to add or remove users each month. Or select the value-based annual subscription for longer term projects.

user-based pricing

Pay per user, not data connections, data used or CPUs. It’s easy to predict what your costs will be as you grow.

900+ free
components and connectors

From on-premises data warehouses to SAP, Salesforce and Oracle to AWS, Azure, Google, Snowflake and more. All of those connectors are included in one price.

Build once,
deploy anywhere.

It’s one price to deploy in Talend Cloud, multiple clouds, on-premises, or hybrid. Since Talend generates optimized, native code, you have true portability for all your integration projects.

Talend Cloud features.

Talend allows you to optimize your IT budget to take full advantage of the latest data sources, analytics
technologies, and elastic capacity from AWS when you need it.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Monthly or Annual Subscription
  • Pricing Model
  • Connector Pricing:
  • Data Sources
  • Applications (on-premises)
  • SaaS
  • Cloud platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Data Integration, Data Preparation and Data Stewardship
  • Environments
  • Deployment Options
  • Product Migration Options
  • Gold Support
  • Yes*
  • User-based pricing
  • Included and unlimited usage
  • Included and unlimited usage
  • Included and unlimited usage
  • Included and unlimited usage
  • Included
  • Development and Production Included
  • Use one tool to execute Jobs in Cloud, On-premises, or Hybrid (portable jobs, same skill set)
  • Can import Talend open source jobs. Add-on features for Spark real-time big data, machine learning, data governance and more.
  • Included

Talend is designed to grow with you. As your needs expand, you can easily add data quality, big data integration, and more processing resources.

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*Which Talend products are available as a monthly subscription?

Talend Cloud Data Integration, and Stitch Data Loader.

What will be my total cost?

This will depend on which pricing plan and product you choose. Talend Cloud Data Integration monthly prices are $1,170/user, and an annual subscription is $12,000/user. Contact us to add more features like data quality, big data integration and connectors, data services, API, data governance and more.

How am I billed?

You are billed through Talend.

Can I add/remove users?

Yes, for the monthly plan you can add/remove users each month.

How does the Cloud Data Integration free trial work?

You get full functionality for 30 days, at which point you can turn your trial into a monthly or annual subscription.

What can I do with the Free version?

Talend Open Studio is a powerful tool for a number of specific scenarios. Learn more about the differences between our open source and commercial products.

What features and connectors come with each Talend package?

Visit the Talend product page to see a list of features and specifications, e.g. Talend Cloud Data Integration, Talend Cloud Real-time Big Data Platform. The supported connectors for each product are listed here: https://www.talendforge.org/components/index.php

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