Data Stewardship

Platform Product Feature

Ensure Data Integrity

Talend Data Stewardship enables data curation and validation within a simple, web-based UI. Talend’s workflow-based approach allows IT to assign curation tasks to the right people across the organization and track their progress.

Expand your data curation capacity

A point-and-click interface with smart guidance makes it easy for anyone to curate data and share it. Leverage more expertise by distributing curation tasks to data experts anywhere in the company. Increase data curation capacity and put accountability for data quality back with the business experts who use it.

Foster a data-driven culture

Encourage data use by expanding data curation to more types of data. Robust data curation tools help to quickly identify data issues so that you can manage and quickly resolve any data integrity issues. Teams work together to establish a single version of the truth.

Operationalize data stewardship and data quality

Embed data stewardship tasks into data integration flows, MDM initiatives, and matching processes, so that more data integration activities include data stewardship. The result is more trusted data across the enterprise.

One of These Leaders is Not Like the Others

Talend named a leader in data integration and data quality. Business moves fast. Get the data agility needed to win.

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How to Add Talend Data Stewardship to Your Process

Complimentary Data Stewardship licenses are available with these Talend commercial products.