Talend Data Quality

Talend’s Data Quality profiles, cleans, and masks data in any format or size to deliver data you can trust for the insights you need.

Produce clean, reliable data

Talend Data Quality cleans data for data operations by using machine learning-enabled de-duplication, validation, and standardization methods. It enriches data with external sources like postal validation, business identification, credit score information, and much more.

Produce clean and reliable data

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Data Quality capabilities are available in an Open Source version, ideal for individual developers with discrete tasks, or as an add-on with Talend’s commercial products with scalable collaboration built in. See which Data Quality product is right for you:

 Open Studio for Data QualityData Management Platform
LicenseFree Open Source LicenseUser-based subscription
Components and Connectors
Design and Productivity
Management and Monitoring
Data Quality, Self-Service, and Governance
Available in Talend Cloud
SupportSelf-serviceWeb, email, phone
Product Details Product Details 
Quickly find, clean, and share data

Spot and stop bad data. Effortless

Talend Data Quality helps you to automatically profile all your data flows in any of our applications. With the built-in trust score, bad data is automatically spotted so you can focus on bad data to be cleaned and good data to be shared.

Ensure compliance with data protection regulations

Talend Data Quality tools allow you to selectively share data using on-premises or cloud-based applications without exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to unauthorized people. Sensitive data is anonymized all along the data lifecycle with masking, protecting organizations from threats and security breaches.

Safely share protected information

It’s our duty to make sure each customer’s data accurately reflects who they are in our community, and what their relationship is with our community-based bank.

Mark Blanchette, SVP, Director of Data Management and Business Technology

Without this underlying technology, we’d struggle to operate and meet our business commitments, and also risk financial penalties from regulators.

David Clifton, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Affinity Water
Talend customer: Air France KLM

Each and every traveler is unique. With our Big Data and Talend platform, we offer ‘made-just-for-me’ travel experiences, from purchase planning through the postflight stage.

Gauthier le Masne, Chief Customer Data Officer, Air France-KLM

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