"For our client base, it is important that they know they are targeting the proper healthcare professionals. So, having clean data is vital. Talend Cloud Data Preparation helps us deliver that."
Jermaine Ransom, Vice President of Data Services, DMD Marketing Corp.
Email deliverability verified at 95%
From 3 days to 1 day
Email turnaround time reduced from 3 days to 1 day
50% faster time to insight

Targeting the right audience for email deployment

DMD Marketing Corp. offers the only authenticated database comprising more than six million fully opted-in U.S. Healthcare professionals (HCPs). Data quality is a key differentiator for DMD Marketing in a business where the principal service they provide—emails to HCPs —is essentially a commodity that can be supplied more cheaply by competitors.

DMD Marketing Corp. took a cloud-first approach and selected Talend Cloud Data Preparation making it possible for users to understand and interact with the data on their own. The company has accelerated time-to-insight by more than 50%. In addition, email data is now refreshed every 24 hours, which helps the company outpace the competition with 95% email deliverability.

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