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Implementing the Talend tool has been instrumental for ATMB’s current and future operations. We would not have been able to keep up with developments in the sector without it.

Grégory Forel

Arial view of a curving highway with trees along both sides. Cars and shipping trucks are driving in both directions.Arial view of a curving highway with trees along both sides. Cars and shipping trucks are driving in both directions.

Future-proof the Information System that drives a highway network

29 data flows

developed in first year of deployment

One single platform

simplifying data exchange and access

Increased trust in data

among users and partners

“ATMB is part of a French and European highway network,” says Grégory Forel, Project Manager of Information Systems and Technology at Autoroutes et Tunnel du Mont Blanc (ATMB). “As such, they need to share a large amount of data on a daily basis with multiple partners or service providers, whether they are other highway firms, banks, or a variety of other actors.”

In 2017, ATMB decided to completely redesign its aging Information System (IS), which had been developed in the early 2000s. Operational teams had to contend with complex flat file exchanges and a variety of systems for scheduling, monitoring, and data processing. The tools themselves were difficult to maintain, using outmoded technologies that few people still had the necessary skills for.

ATMB decided to build a system that would not just solve today’s needs, but also stand the test of time. “We wanted an open, well-known, and recognized solution,” explains Forel.

The Talend platform was ideal for directing and future-proofing IS flows. “It was designed to provide a wealth of capabilities,” says Forel, “while also accelerating project development through the use of a diverse set of components and interfaces. It also needed to be widely distributed so that we could avoid any roadblocks when it comes to finding partners and providers.”

Following a proof of concept with its integrating partner, Keyrus, ATMB chose Talend to serve as the foundation for transforming its Information System. The new, unified platform and portal help ATMB manage its data exchanges easily, efficiently, and in compliance with strict industry standards — and stand ready when future needs drive evolution.

ATMB is already preparing for its next technological leap forward with Talend. “We also plan to move to the cloud version of the Talend platform in the next few months,” Forel says, “to take advantage of all the cloud’s features and benefits.”