What's the best way to learn Talend? Our customers and partners share

By Greg Nist

We designed Talend Academy to give your team expertise and confidence in Talend Data Fabric. But you don’t have to take it from us. Here’s what Talend partners and customers are saying about Talend Academy:

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Talend Academy is structured for learning success 

office setting man in wheelchair and two women standing all viewing a computer screenoffice setting man in wheelchair and two women standing all viewing a computer screen

The Talend learning platform’s design prioritizes convenience. Our library includes broad and deep coverage of topics, and is designed to be easy for learners to navigate and use. 
Our partners and customers have found a lot to like:

Guillaume Durand, Data Engineer & Management Consultant, Passerelle:  

"What we like about Talent Academy is, we can quickly get some how-to use cases with actual examples that are really easy to replicate on a real-world client project.

Since Talend Academy is a self-serve platform, we can take the course in between other work and meetings, so it's really at our own pace. Almost all the courses are made up short 3 to 7-minute videos which are really, really straightforward and straight to the point. So you don't lose focus." 

Srinivas Poddutoori, Executive VP, Artha Solutions: 

"We really love the look and feel of Talend Academy, the way these courses are structured. The employees can choose what learning path they want to choose. Within the learning path there are different courses. So that way it is not confusing." 

Charles Link, Senior Director, Data and Analytics, Covanta:

"Talend Academy is really easy to use. I actually like the user interface for the administrative tools. I like the way that you can check on people's progress." 

David Machon, Directeur Data Intelligence Centre Est, Keyrus: 

"The Talend Academy user experience for me and my team is really very good. All Talend products are accessible on Talend Academy. It's easy to use and access the learning plans."

Practice using Talend with real-world activities on virtual machines 

Women wearing glasses sitting in front of open laptop, writing notes with a penWomen wearing glasses sitting in front of open laptop, writing notes with a pen

Talend Academy offers practical learning activities, not just theoretical lessons. Learners can use job templates built with Talend best practices, and even spin up an individual practice environment. Why is this important?

Guillaume Durand, Passerelle: 

"One of the best things about Talend Academy is the pre-packaged VMs. It has everything we need to do the hands-on exercises and labs. We can access the VMs at our own convenience.” 

David Machon, Keyrus: 

"The ability to quickly mount single-use VMs for all products, regardless of which module, is very positive."

Charles Link, Covanta:  

"This is not just watching YouTube videos and PowerPoint slides. These are live, hands-on exercises that are actually quite challenging. You are using the product to do a project, and that matters.” 

Srinivas Poddutoori, Artha: 

“They can actually spin up an environment and practice.” 

Enable data democratization and build data literacy to get results faster

man in grey shirt wearing glasses standing in front of a computerman in grey shirt wearing glasses standing in front of a computer

Your success with Talend depends on your team’s confidence and access to data. Talend Academy courses and solutions templates help teams achieve rapid results with Talend. 

Guillaume Durand, Passerelle:  

“Talend Academy has allowed our team to ramp up on the technology and product really fast, and made us more productive because the learning plans are really well structured. They all follow a logical path from Introductions to Basics, and then Advanced. In just a couple of days our contributors go from zero to being really productive with the Talend products." 

Srinivas Poddutoori, Artha: 

"Talend Academy saves a lot of time, resources, and energy for our organization to empower our employees to learn, keep them up to speed on the latest and greatest technologies and latest new features. So we really appreciate the rich content. That helps us immensely." 

Charles Link, Covanta:  

“Talend Academy has helped Covanta with democratization of data as it allows for us to get our business people also involved. Some of the low-code efforts like Pipeline Designer and Data Catalog capabilities really engage a deeper set of users in the community that are more business-focused and analysis-focused, and help them to develop skills to prepare their data.” 

David Machon, Keyrus:  

"Our team members who need to develop their skills on the Talend Academy Platform can do so independently and naturally, so that it further increases productivity." 

Challenges and certification reward the learning journey

gradient coral to purple circle with silver outline, with the words Talend Data Fabric Explorer, and coral banner and a small white stargradient coral to purple circle with silver outline, with the words Talend Data Fabric Explorer, and coral banner and a small white star

Talend Academy helps learners dive deep into features they haven’t implemented yet, and find job design templates to build solutions based on best practices.  

Talend Academy tests learners’ knowledge with quizzes that unlock trophies. When learners complete the Talend Data Fabric Foundations  learning plan, they earn their first Talend badge: Talend Data Fabric Explorer. This popular, proven methodology motivates users around the world.

Srinivas Podutoori, Artha:  

"We really like the badges. Instant gratification for all the employees who are taking certain courses, so they can earn the badges, they can share among themselves — internal team — as well as they can post them on social media. After completing the course, and having answered those questions to earn a badge, definitely it's a confidence booster for employees. What they have accomplished, what they've learned."

Charles Link, Covanta:  

"What I like about the certifications is that it tests what people have learned and how to apply it as opposed to simply regurgitating things that they could have memorized. It actually tests their critical thinking and abilities.

It does help to boost their confidence. It gives them something tangible to hold on to and share, and creates a little bit of competition amongst each other, to see who can get more badges, take more classes and show that in some sort of demonstrable way, by taking the quizzes that they are learning and proving that they've retained what they learned." 

David Machon, Keyrus:  

"Most of them like to have a stamp to validate their achievements. It motivates them, firstly, to earn the badges, and secondly, a certification is a way to increase their employability vis-à-vis their skills and knowledge. Most of those who earn a badge or certification receive recognition from their superiors as well as from the entire company.”

Talend Academy helps teams get ahead 

zoom screen showing 9 participants and a speaker, with two spiral circles as a graphic accentzoom screen showing 9 participants and a speaker, with two spiral circles as a graphic accent

Talend Academy certifications validate learners’ mastery of Talend products, their uses, and the underlying knowledge needed for successful projects. We offer test-based exams and proctored lab-based exams, either of which can be taken from your own PC or laptop. You can also schedule in-person proctoring on-site in your offices, subject to availability and an additional charge.  With Talend Academy, you can do more, faster — and according to best practices.

Guillaume Durand, Passerelle: 

"By going the extra mile and getting Talend Academy certification, it allows us to start developing projects with a strong foundation really, really fast. Everything we need is included in Talend Academy.

We've seen a lot of morale and retention benefits among our team who have access to Talend Academy. That allowed them to develop their skills and be better professionals in the data world. Having access to their well-built training and examples makes the day-to-day life easy for us." 

Charles Link, Covanta: 

"Talend Academy really helps you understand the right way to do things, best practices, and apply them in a way that's very productive. Talend Academy's robust set of trainings allows them to keep taking their skills to the next level, and it's particularly nice that the courses are keeping pace with the versions, so that people can always feel that they're on the cutting edge. They just want to keep working on stuff that's new, and this helps them be ready for what's next."

Get started with Talend Academy today 

We’ve opened access to more than 40 introductory training videos and quizzes on Talend Academy. That means that anyone and everyone can build confidence with Talend. If you know you have Talend projects on the horizon, the feature walkthroughs will give you an early advantage.

Upgrading to a Talend Academy learning subscription gives your team immediate access to more courses, hands-on activities, and new and updated training modules. A Talend Academy learning subscription also unlocks prebuilt job templates and solution frameworks. These ready-made tools from Talend experts help companies accelerate time to value on Talend projects.

You can start today with the publicly available introductory Talend Data Fabric Foundations course. It gives an overview of all Talend products, in the cloud and on-premises. You’ll learn how you can use Talend Data Fabric to get the most value from your data.

Learn more and sign up today for Talend Academy.