Update on the future of Talend Open Studio

By Talend Team

Qlik remains focused on continuous innovation and acceleration of new capabilities – including for Talend’s flagship commercial offering, Talend Studio. This product has delivered value to thousands of organizations around the world and is used by developers to connect, validate, and move billions of records every day. Today, Talend Studio has an active roadmap and new innovations coming every month. 

Accordingly, after careful consideration and to allow us to focus our resources on those enhancements, we will be discontinuing the open-source product: Talend Open Studio, effective January 31, 2024. Talend has been known for its open standards and extensibility. This decision does not change our commitment to leveraging open standards and delivering extensible products. 

To help you prepare for this transition, we’d like to take a few moments to talk about this decision, what users can expect next, and how to evolve your data integration strategy with Qlik & Talend. 

Why are Talend changing their approach on Talend Open Studio?

As the product has matured, we have seen community contributions to the Talend Open Studio diminish. This is, in part, due to our customers seeking solutions with direct vendor support to ensure that service levels can be ensured. Working with Talend on a commercial basis has meant that customers can now successfully achieve a high level of security, compliance, and a broader feature set for enterprise deployments. 

We’ve also seen a seismic shift in the data tools landscape, with every role in a company being a data role — either as a producer or a consumer. The availability of and the ability to share data touches many people and processes. A centralized and governed view of a data fabric has become an imperative to ensure data remains trusted, available, and timely. Talend Open Studio was a powerful tool which addressed one part of that requirement, and the growth path for many businesses is to ensure that they can scale operational processes throughout the business. 

Finally, the commercial version of Talend Studio will now fulfill its full potential, as it is a flagship offering in the broader Qlik and Talend portfolio of products. Being deliberate about directly supported functionality ensures that we have a consistent and expansive platform which incorporates extended functionality, best-of-breed pipeline management tools, and a growth path supported directly by Qlik and Talend for not just developers, but across entire organizations. 

What are Talend Studio’s extended features?

With Talend Studio, the ability to collaborate as a team to share metadata, jobs, and documentation is now native. With GIT integration, the ability to work within a team encourages code reusability, aligning with modern development practices as CI/CD workflows can be created and automated directly with Talend Studio. Version control is also native, enabling teams to iterate and improve pipelines globally with built-in permission and role management. 

Talend Studio offers a greatly expanded range of connectors that can be centrally managed and updated by your project lead. These update cycles fall in line with technology partners’ improvements and innovations so that your team is always able to improve your technology base. Full management and versioning of the connectors is also native so that your team can build, test, and then deploy incremental improvements to the field. The increased range of connectors ensures that data is no longer siloed, and with dynamic schema creation, a pipeline can be rearchitected to a new source or destination in a matter of minutes. 

Moving to a commercial basis with Qlik means that customers now have extended regulatory compliance. Talend’s Trust Portal features a comprehensive set of documents under the Talend security program. With industry-leading certifications, data privacy and legal documentation, full policy support, and details regarding platform availability and incident reports, your team can establish a foundation that aligns your data integration and quality projects with enterprise expectations. 

To ensure that your team has access to the level of support and insight required for operational implementation, our Customer Success team is in place to log & remediate your tickets and inform project stakeholders on forthcoming innovation and features. Talend Academy ensures that there is a growth path for your Talend developers; they have access to direct product support, training, and informational assets in Talend Academy. Templates that can be easily implemented with turnkey best practices for your organization are also available. 

On the orchestration side, the introduction to Talend Cloud is a game changer with remote engines that can be deployed anywhere: client managed, multi-cloud or hybrid architectures are all supported. Data co-location strengthens platform security and reduces latency. The ability to use automated monitoring and logging features ensures that your pipelines have the level of operational dashboarding required to scale these processes across the enterprise. On top of Talend Cloud, the Talend Cloud API ensures that your data fabric is fully integrated within every business process, from job promotion through CI/CD workflows to complex scheduling and error handling. 

The wider Qlik portfolio allows for much-expanded collaboration between teams. With the inclusion of data governance via Talend Data Catalog, profiling and data preparation tools are available for business users to: quickly transform data, provide data stewardship for team-wide delegation for remediation of the data that falls outside of workflow rules, and fully embrace the socialization and sharing of data with greatly expanded API functions and Data Inventory. As we build out the footprint of operational excellence, your data fabric elevates your pipelines to form the foundation of your strategic growth.

What does your journey from Talend Open Studio look like?

As you embark on this journey, please ensure that the Talend team is your first stop for questions. Talend experts have counseled hundreds of businesses as they evolved from Talend Open Studio into a platform that delivers enterprise-scale resilience. 

Their expertise includes assisting with measuring your existing footprint and establishing the business priorities to work towards incremental deliverables. Further, they can help directly on job transformation, implement best practices, and even work to use a customized framework to do all the heavy lifting. Your infrastructure can be fully automated, parameterized, and documented, creating a factory to deliver data products effectively to the rest of the business. 

The skills of developers can be assessed with Talend Academy, so you can quickly identify learning paths to ensure that your team can scale to operational effectiveness rapidly. Remember that Talend Open Studio skills are easily transferable to Talend Studio; the aim is to educate on the increased toolset and best practices to get the most from the platform. 

The Talend team can even review your current utilization to make platform recommendations to help you evolve your infrastructures from the wider Qlik and Talend portfolio. This includes making recommendations on capacity licensing to ensure that the costs scale effectively with an unlimited number of developers.

What lies ahead?

Now that Talend and Qlik have joined forces, there has never been a better time for us to work with you to evolve your current Talend Open Studio footprint. Our focus on core features of Talend Studio enables us to deliver platform innovation rapidly, ensuring that customers are always using the latest and greatest technology. Being able to introduce the security, compliance, and the operational rigor required to fully deliver on a digital transformation combined with a clear upgrade path for our open-source community means continued support of your mission-critical business processes for many years to come. 

We are holding a webinar to support our Talend Open Studio users and their managers. During this session, we’ll discuss the strategic themes of upleveling your approach to supporting your organization with trusted data, expand on the supported feature set to ensure you take full advantage of operational excellence, and even take users through the process of evolving their current pipelines and jobs with the Qlik and Talend portfolio products. 

If you would like to experience Talend Studio first-hand, you can go to the Talend Trial Experience and request an account to download your free trial. The Talend Trial Experience will automatically provision the platform and allow you access to the download of Talend Studio for your evaluation and testing.