The Top 3 reasons you need Talend Data Catalog 8

By Don Pinto & Sarang Patil
screenshot of Talend Data Catalog 8 featuring columns of data and categories, on a blue background with lighter blue and magenta sparklesscreenshot of Talend Data Catalog 8 featuring columns of data and categories, on a blue background with lighter blue and magenta sparkles

The growth of big data has scattered data sources throughout the enterprise, tucking them away in silos and making them hard to find. But there is more to data than just storing information in an operational data store or running analytics from a data warehouse. For example, regulated industries have requirements needing tighter control over the data. In such cases, it’s hard to trace the entire data story simply by examining the disparate data sources — answering questions like where the data came from, how it changed over time, and who has access to it. Without a good solution on hand, the result is an uncontrolled, low data-quality environment that can spread throughout a company in a matter of seconds — creating a breeding ground for loss of productivity, massive financial and regulatory risks, and hindered decision-making.  

As a financial technology company, we have particular needs for data governance due to the nature of the data we hold. Talend is pivotal in helping us stay compliant and develop new customer services.
— Elie Soukayem, Director of Data Analytics, areeb

While most organizations know they face these obstacles, they spend so much time managing data that they don't have enough time to propel the business forward. Talend Data Catalog 8 (TDC 8), released earlier in March 2022, provides a single, secure point of control. It’s also designed to make it easier than ever to discover, organize, govern, and share trusted data. This means users can spend less time creating and aligning controls across different point solutions — leaving them free instead to deliver the high-quality data needed to meet and exceed business objectives. 

The top 3 reasons to use Talend Data Catalog 8 

Businesses use data catalogs for various reasons. Talend Data Catalog 8 offers exciting new features to help you meet important business objectives. Here are a few ways we make that happen: 

Get perfectly tailored data models for your agile business 

Today's rapidly transforming businesses require adaptable data models. With Talend Data Catalog 8, you can keep track of your data models and transformation logic. If you need a custom model, you can use metamodels to store data management and governance policies. As a result, you get more flexibility without relying on off-the-shelf models that are often inadequate for your business processes. The evidence-based data lineage in TDC 8 keeps track of the data transformations and the transformation logic across the business as it evolves. TDC 8 also helps you move from logical models to the data store and the data store back to the logical model — increasing your business agility. 


Achieve more productivity in less time 

Building on the latest innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence, TDC 8 discovers and categorizes data in real time. Custom classifications can also be configured on data assets based on business-specific rules. This increases accountability, limits risk, and avoids unscalable alternatives — such as processes built in-house or point solutions — so your data professionals can spend less time manually classifying data and more time using data to help your business meet its objectives. For example, TDC 8 can proactively monitor file stores for possible violations, including sensitive data, and send alerts to data stewards about potential problems early on.  


Securely deliver increased data agility to any line of business (LOB) user 

TDC 8 provides a simplified view of your data, making it easier for any line of business user to discover and act on a data element without worrying about the underlying technology. As a result, teams can spend less time looking for data and more time getting value from it. Additionally, fine-grained data access control lets you ensure that your data is safe from unauthorized access while simultaneously maintaining data agility. 

TDC 8 includes many more innovations, including enhancements to the remote catalog architecture, heartbeat monitoring, enhanced data shopping options, and metadata query tools.  

It’s time to move to Talend Data Catalog 8 

Because TDC 8 delivers better data health and drives business goals more efficiently than ever, we have migrated all our cloud customers from TDC 7.3 to TDC 8. For on-premise TDC 7.3 deployments hitting the end-of-life support on December 31st, 2022, now is the time to upgrade. Customers with a current TDC 7.3 subscription can get TDC 8 without additional cost before their existing subscription contract ends. To help you realize these benefits more as quickly as possible, reach out to your Talend contact to engage and kick-start your TDC migration.  


Don’t have Talend Data Catalog yet? That’s easy, too — contact us today and we’ll get you started!