Talend’s acquisition of Gamma Soft offers exciting new capabilities for our customers

By Jamie Fiorda
Gamma Soft and Talend logos on pastel backgroundGamma Soft and Talend logos on pastel background

I am so pleased to announce that Talend has acquired Gamma Soft, a change data capture market innovator. This is a significant enhancement in the capabilities Talend can provide its customers and partners. Talend’s company vision is to take the work out of working with data, and we're thrilled to add Gamma Soft’s technology to our offerings to do this.

Change data capture (CDC) technology is highly sought after by many companies. In fact, in a recent research article, Gartner noted that, “Data replication (like CDC) as a data delivery style is in high demand by customers looking to migrate to cloud data stores for analytics/data science and operational use cases.” 

Gamma Soft’s capabilities expand our ability to deliver on the promise of data health and help our customers achieve the business outcomes they want with their data. CDC helps deliver solutions to two of the most pressing business data use cases — Analytics Enablement and Cloud Migration & Modernization — as well as extend the ability to support the most complex data management needs, such as hybrid or multi-cloud integration.

With Gamma Soft, Talend now offers a robust Change Data Capture function to what is already the most comprehensive platform for data integration and management on the market today.  This functionality enables businesses to replicate data from source to destination much faster by pulling only what’s relevant, without extracting entire datasets — offering customers new ways to work with the freshest, most recent data.   

The importance of real-time analytics 

In its report, “The Data-Driven Enterprise of 2025,” McKinsey noted how critical real-time data analysis is becoming. Authors Neil Assur and Kayvaun Rowshankish imagine that in 2025,  “how data is generated, processed, analyzed, and visualized for end users is dramatically transformed by new and more ubiquitous technologies. This enables many more advanced use cases for delivering insights to customers, employees, and partners” — like real-time fraud protection, effective and efficient maintenance of factories and technical equipment, and an even deeper understanding of your customers.  

Today, however, real-time data analysis is hampered by “the limits of legacy technology structures, the challenges of adopting more modern architectural elements, and the high computational demands of intensive, real-time processing jobs.” But it doesn’t have to be this way. And change data capture technology is one of the important factors that will make real-time analytics not only possible, but ubiquitous. 

You might have the data, but can you trust it?

One of the most important — and hardest to ensure — elements of healthy data is data quality. Is your data accurate and clean? Can you trust the insights you derive from it?  Change data capture technology moves data more accurately and faster, eliminating discrepancies and reducing latency in moving data from one system to another, ensuring a higher rate of reliability. Plus, just the simple act of moving data faster means it will be available faster for insights, speeding up decision making.  

As automation and machine learning processes now take place in a matter of seconds or microseconds, having accurate data at exactly the right moment is critical. Imagine, for example, how financial services companies deal with stock transactions. These organizations need to know which stocks are available at any time, or what the last transaction price was, and with automated trading, that information could change in fractions of a second. The data needed to make decisions needs to not only be available in moment, but it has to be right. Gamma Soft's technology will ensure businesses have trusted data to make the right decisions as fast as it comes in.  

Paving the way to the cloud

Many of our customers have made, or are in the process of making, the transition to the cloud. Gamma Soft’s highly complementary, enterprise-class change data capture technologies will help customers streamline their data modernization initiatives, including cloud migrations, and support advanced, real-time analytics use cases across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.   

This means customers will be able to solve more use cases that require support for quickly changing data faster and easier than ever on a single end-to-end solution. These use cases include lifting and shifting on-premises databases to the cloud; cloud data replication on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform; multi-cloud synchronization efforts; and more — all made easy with Gamma Soft’s technology.

With the acquisition of Gamma Soft, Talend now has a more robust suite of solutions to enable that shift and to help businesses respond to changing market conditions faster.  

Our journey together 

Gamma Soft is widely regarded as a technical leader in change data capture. Their customers have been with them a long time because their expertise and technology are reliable and robust. It’s great to join forces with such a talented, knowledgeable team.   

But the people who will benefit most from Talend and Gamma Soft’s journey together are our customers.  Ultimately this acquisition extends our ability to solve more use cases for our customers and to allow our customers to do more with our platform and technology. Many organizations rely on brittle, hand-coded integrations, or multiple data management tools with redundant capabilities across integration, replication, modeling, preparation, quality, cataloging, and governance. Talend and Gamma Soft's technology will help companies use fewer point solutions for small aspects of data management. 

We believe it is time for data to become truly useful for all organizations. Gamma Soft’s technology offers an exciting new capability for Talend and our customers, and I’m very eager to see how we evolve on our joint path forward.