Talend Summer ’21: Even more ways to achieve healthier data at your organization

By Jamie Fiorda
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There is a widening chasm between what most organizations need from their data and what they are actually able to get from it. For far too long, organizations have focused on the wrong thing: moving data from point A to point B and then fixing issues reactively. But this does nothing to address the underlying issues that require data to be fixed in the first place, and the longer these issues go unsolved, the damage they do is more severe and costly to the organization.

An overall cultural shift that focuses on healthier data – that is, measuring and managing data for better discoverability, understandability, and value – can prevent this damage to an organization. We’re excited to announce a set of new innovations in Talend Data Fabric that will help companies achieve healthier data by accelerating their transition to modern data environments, facilitating greater collaboration on data governance, and increasing data security.


Accelerating the transition to a modern data environment

We’ve expanded Talend Data Fabric’s capabilities for advanced data analytics and sharing, starting with support for Databricks 7.3 LTS and AWS EMR 6.2 on Spark 3. This means Talend users can take advantage of cutting-edge data and analytics platforms with exceptional performance, ease of use, and the greater flexibility of Spark 3. We’ve also broadened support for Cloudera CDP Public Cloud on AWS and Azure, which can help users slash migration time from on-premises Cloudera Data Hub and Hortonworks Data Platform implementations to CDP Public Cloud, so they can swiftly benefit from cloud efficiencies for big data workloads.

On the data sharing front, we’re making it easier than ever for organizations to share data internally and externally. According to Gartner, businesses that successfully increased data sharing were 1.7 times more effective at showing verifiable value, and the firm predicts that by 2023, organizations that promote data sharing will outperform organizations that don’t on most business value metrics.

To facilitate more data sharing, we’re launching a self-service API Portal, which provides a central listing of APIs and documentation. It democratizes and maximizes the value of your data by fostering faster development and adoption of APIs both internally and externally, and making it effortless to share data with your data users as well as with partners, suppliers, and customers.

With the portal, users can:

  • Maximize developer productivity and collaboration by making it easier to share APIs, documentation, and data structures across the app development team
  • Minimize onboarding and support time by auto-generating documentation
  • Boost API adoption by making APIs easy to find, understand, and try, encouraging greater data sharing and collaboration between more teams, systems, and applications

But we didn’t stop there! Other enhancements that improve the performance and ease of use for Talend Data Fabric include:

  • New live debugging capabilities for routes and data services during design of streaming tasks
  • Improved flattening map with multiple outputs in Talend Data Mapper for improved productivity, with a step-by-step wizard and suggestion of “best options” that speed up mapping
  • Support for Python 3 processors giving access to popular libraries for advanced transformations in cloud-native apps


Collaborating on data governance at scale

The journey to healthier data must be supported by governed, high-quality data. Ensuring data quality and governance is a challenge in most organizations due to the disconnect between IT and business subject matter experts. That’s why we’re introducing new ways to collaborate when working with Talend Data Stewardship, so that everyone can contribute to healthier data.

First, subject matter experts overseeing data quality and governance can now add data directly to a governance campaign in Talend Data Stewardship without IT intervention. This can drastically improve productivity by giving experts greater autonomy and facilitating more self-service data quality and governance.

In addition, Data Stewardship is now more tightly coupled to data pipelines built using Talend, so that read/write operations can be easily added to a data quality or governance campaign directly from a pipeline within Talend’s cloud-native self-service applications. This promotes more rapid and scalable data governance processes by encouraging greater collaboration between IT, who creates the pipelines, and the subject matter experts who oversee data quality and governance.

Together, these new capabilities foster a supportive culture where more people in the organization embrace data quality and governance initiatives, effectively treat data, and ensure its reliability and trust.

Start your journey to healthier data with Talend Data Fabric

Achieving healthier data is essential for becoming a data-driven organization that is agile and can adapt at speed and at scale. With the latest improvements to Talend Data Fabric, users can take advantage of advanced data analytics and sharing capabilities, collaborate more effectively in a broader variety of use cases, and keep data safe and compliant with additional data security innovations.

All of these features are available immediately.  Access to the features is dependent on your Talend deployment and specific Talend subscription. For a complete list of all Talend Data Fabric’s upgrades, you can view the latest release notes. Or, request your free trial and start your journey to healthier data today!