Talend Fall ’21: Trailblazing the path to healthier data

By Talend Team

As our customers continue their journey to achieve healthier data, we are constantly looking for ways to help them make that journey more quickly and successfully. By applying data health concepts across Talend Data Fabric in innovative new ways, everyone from business professionals to data professionals can get more value from their data, faster.

Make healthy data available to more people in more places

First up, we’re announcing Stitch Unlimited, which offers industry-first, non-consumption-based pricing for unlimited users and integrations.[*] Now, our customers can use more data in more ways with no limits on connectors, data volumes, number of users, or number of
jobs – all for one predictable price.

Connecting multiple destinations from a single Stitch ingest jobConnecting multiple destinations from a single Stitch ingest job

We’re also giving more users than ever before access to a timely and accurate Trust Score, so everyone can have confidence that they’re making the right decisions based on healthy, high-quality data. Native Trust Score for Snowflake now generates an automated Trust Score on all rows of data across all datasets in your Snowflake data warehouse. The calculation is performed natively inside Snowflake, and leverages Snowflake’s built-in elasticity and scalability.

Supercharge productivity across the Talend platform

Next, we’re excited to announce additional features and capabilities across Talend Data Fabric, which combines data integration, integrity, and governance in a single, unified platform for healthy data.  Talend Studio enables customers to easily create data integration projects and manage data of any type or volume, and Talend Studio 8 is the fastest, most lightweight and modular version of Studio ever, allowing users to tailor their development user experience. It also now includes in-app updates and notifications, so you can seamlessly upgrade and enjoy the latest enhancements and features.

We’re introducing two exciting features to Talend Data Inventory, which simplifies data discovery, search, and sharing across Talend Data Fabric. Self-service Data API sharing gives non-technical users the power to create APIs in minutes, so they can share data and self-serve
analytics faster, without relying on a developer or needing to understand any of the underlying complexity surrounding API development. Plus, new data crawling capabilities in Data Inventory lift Trust Score to new heights. Instead of manually adding datasets, you can now automatically crawl your JDBC cloud data warehouses for datasets and scale Trust Score across all your data, so you can always trust the health of your data even as that data changes over time.

These updates provide some incredible new ways to work with data, but they barely scratch the surface of all the new things you can do with Talend. From the write-once, use anywhere Data Quality Rules Designer, to more Stitch integrations and new destinations, to Talend Data Catalog 8 with tailored business modeling, enhanced data classification, and customized objects and user roles, there’s something for everyone in this release.

A revolution in data quality

Finally, we’re announcing Talend Data Quality Service, a managed service that provides customers with market-leading data quality technology and the experts to help them run a data quality program continuously. This makes it easy for companies to scale data quality management across the organization as their needs grow, and continually maintain the quality of their most critical datasets in an extremely cost-efficient manner without having to find and train additional data experts. This blog has all the details on how the service works, how it can help you, and how you can get up and running in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Data Health dashboard generated by Data Quality ServiceData Health dashboard generated by Data Quality Service

With these enhancements across the Talend ecosystem, our customers have more ways than ever to deliver healthy data throughout the organization for better decision making and better business outcomes. All of these features are available in Q4, 2021. Access to the features is dependent on your Talend deployment (on-premises or Talend Cloud platform) and specific Talend subscription.

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[*] Use in excess of 15 billion rows per month may be subject to additional fees