Take control of your data with Stitch Unlimited

By Talend Team

Without data, your business cannot survive. You need it to understand your customers, to inform your product development, and to plan the future of your company. So why would you tolerate technology that artificially throttles access to your own data and stunts your company’s growth? It just doesn't make sense. 

That’s why Talend is bringing you Stitch Unlimited and Stitch Unlimited Plus. These new Stitch plans offer exactly what you’ve been looking for: powerful data integration with unlimited rows, unlimited users, and completely predictable pricing. Unlimited puts you in control of your data so you can stop counting rows and start delivering insights — for every part of your business. 

Why unlimited data matters 

But why is unlimited data so important? Other data integration products have complex, consumption-based pricing models that require you to become a bean-counter as well as a data analyst. 

Companies today have more data, more data sources, more applications and projects that run on data, and more requirements for data security and compliance. Data professionals juggle countless requests to ingest more and more data from their business applications — but they can’t say yes to everything because they lack the resources. This forces data analytics teams to piecemeal their way to data-driven insights, just to save costs. 

Working with tools that rely on consumption-based pricing models make a tough job even tougher. When you’re already strapped for resources, taking the time to calculate whether you still have credits in the bank can add insult to injury. And if your project swells beyond the anticipated scope — or if you make a miscalculation regarding active rows vs. rows at rest — you can suddenly discover that your data costs have ballooned far beyond the anticipated budget. While organizations want to invest in data, they are stuck with an impossible choice: keep the service and live with the out-of-control costs, or leave the service and risk disrupting operations. 

With our competitors, your costs increase as you process more data. They typically limit customer access to data systems or the amount of data that can be processed, all in the name of controlling costs. But these unpredictable pricing models actually make it difficult to estimate costs, which can lead to pricing surprises. 

Talend believes that all the right users should have access to all the right data so they can make informed decisions to run the business. Companies shouldn’t have to pick and choose what data gets prioritized, potentially jeopardizing critical initiatives simply because something else is even more pressing. They shouldn’t have to restrict the number of users with access to vital data, artificially reducing the pool of data experts. And, most of all, they shouldn’t be bullied by unpredictable pricing models. 

Stitch Unlimited and Unlimited Plus are unique because they actively encourage usage and discovery by eliminating restrictions on the volume of data, users, or integration sources. 

Talend’s revolutionary take on data 

At Talend, we have been taking a long, hard look at our role in helping people truly leverage data.  What would it take to put our customers and future customers in control of their data — not just specific types of data, or some specific quantity of data, but all their data? With the introduction of Stitch Unlimited, we are giving control of data back to our customers. No cutting corners, no compromises. 

Our customers deserve access to healthy, trusted data so they can run their business based on high-confidence decisions. We are going to unconsumption this industry. Welcome to the data access revolution.