Stitch builds on its Microsoft technology partnership

By Talend Team
Stitch logo and Microsoft SQL Server logoStitch logo and Microsoft SQL Server logo

Stitch is pleased to announce the availability of Microsoft SQL Server as a destination. MS SQL Server joins nine other data destinations (including Microsoft Azure Synapse) that Stitch supports to help execute all your data modeling and analysis projects. Stitch customers can
immediately benefit from the new destination, which supports both Azure SQL Server and standard SQL Server editions reaching as far back as SQL Server 2012.

We continue to bring more value and flexibility to our customers through ongoing investment in our flagship data ingestion product. This new destination in particular bolsters Stitch’s support for customers that leverage the Microsoft ecosystem of products — allowing our users to deliver their business data to this most durable and popular database, which is #3 worldwide[1].  Much of its continued popularity stems from its synergies in an Azure environment — facilitating scale, cost, users, and security.

“Stitch allowed us to set up a data pipeline within a day. It helped us avoid the hassle of building a data infrastructure team. The quick turnaround time allowed us to gather insights in almost real time.”

— Ashok Varma, Founder and CEO, ReportGarden

All Stitch plans support Microsoft SQL Server but customers should choose an Unlimited plan to deliver data to more than one destination and take advantage of advanced connectivity, including SSH tunneling for additional security. The new Unlimited plans remove any anxiety about your analytics activities — now enjoy unlimited data, unlimited users, AND unlimited connectors, unlike the competition out there.

About Stitch

Data volumes, data variety, data consumers, data driven insights. These are the key challenges facing all organizations. Stitch assists companies manage all their data—wherever it resides — and get it ready for analysis in minutes. Stitch rapidly moves data from 140+ sources into destinations like MS SQL Server so you can get to answers faster, no coding required. And our Unlimited plans take the guesswork out of your usage and number of ongoing projects.

Across thousands of proof points, we’ve consistently seen customers leverage Stitch together with analytics platforms to push the boundaries of insights. Visit our customer page to learn more about the interesting ways these innovative companies are using Stitch to transform their businesses, or sign up for Stitch today.