Spring ’22: Accelerate productivity, work smarter, and establish data excellence at scale

By Talend Team

At Talend, we hear every day from our customers that healthier data makes it easier to increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. But the journey to healthier data isn’t always easy.  

To support healthy data, organizations must unify data activities across users with different skill sets and levels of technical expertise through intelligence and self-service capabilities. These people must be able to interact with the right data at the right time, while also maintaining visibility into the activities of their cross-functional peers.  

To build this supportive culture where healthy data can thrive, organizations need a solution that can be tailored to support their unique business requirements and outcomes.  

That’s why we’re introducing a number of enhancements to Talend over the next few months that will help our customers accelerate productivity, work smarter, and establish ongoing data excellence at scale. 

Work smarter with Talend Trust Score by Groups 

In 2020, we introduced the Talend Trust Score™, an industry-first innovation that gives organizations a complete picture of their data health. Talend Trust Score automatically discovers and indexes datasets, and then assesses data health based on data quality, user-defined ratings, and popularity. Datasets identified as incomplete, corrupt, or untrustworthy can be easily diagnosed and fixed with a few clicks. And now, we’re introducing the next evolution of Talend Trust Score, starting with Groups. 

Just because a user has access to data doesn’t necessarily mean it’s relevant to them. Now, users can filter datasets into a Group and see an aggregate Talend Trust Score for that Group. This fully tailored view of dataset Groups is available in Talend Data Inventory, providing every user with relevant, actionable data quality metrics. 

Scale data excellence with Talend Trust Score Trending 

For organizations to meet their business objectives on a continuous basis, it is critical to maintain data quality and trust. Data quality — and by extension, data health — is not a “one and done” exercise; data is always changing and growing. Because data health is an ongoing process, tracking that health over time can expose hard-to-spot issues like data drift and can help organizations quantify the ongoing impact of data quality interventions.  

To provide these insights, we’re introducing Talend Trust Score Trending, which provides a temporal view of the health of datasets, either individually or in Groups. With Talend Trust Score Trending, users can see trends with data, uncover issues that aren’t visible with point-in-time snapshots of quality, and measure the effectiveness of data programs and quality interventions. 

Accelerate productivity with data quality rules 

Lastly, we’re making it easier than ever to put high-quality data in the hands of everyone in your organization.  

Currently, data quality rules are created on an as-needed basis and limited to the application in which the rule was built. These rules are typically written by the designer of the Talend job, but often those developers are not the people who understand the business rules the best. 

With Spring ’22, we’re making data quality rules available to Talend Studio users. Now rules can be written and managed by non-technical users, and then used or reused, which is a major step toward making these simple-to-configure rules available for reuse across the Talend ecosystem on any data, no matter its location or format. Plus, support for nested rules and scripting delivers additional flexibility and provides powerful new paths to better data quality. 

Maximize the value of your data 

With these innovative new capabilities, organizations can get more value from their data than ever before. The advances with Talend Trust Score continue to provide customers with new insights, helping them work smarter and scale data excellence across the business. And data quality rules in Talend Studio accelerate users’ productivity by allowing them to create collaborative workflows between users at different technical levels, and by unlocking the use of those rules across different Talend applications. 

Talend Trust Score by Groups and Talend Trust Score Trending will be available for all Talend Data Inventory users within the next few months, as will data quality rules in Talend Studio. 

And those aren't the only innovations we have coming! Capabilities like self-service data APIs, custom business metamodels in Talend Data Catalog, and Stitch features like new resources, targets, and integration cloning are just around the corner! Current Talend customers will be notified as these new features become available. If you haven’t tried Talend yet, request a free trial and start your journey to healthier data today.