Revealing the Intelligence in your Data with Talend Winter’20

By Talend Team
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One of my favorite Talend customer success stories is the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). I love this story not only because they transformed investigation journalism with data, won the Pulitzer prize for the Panama papers, and helped the public to recover billions of dollars  lost to illegal tax evasion. The story is also fascinating because they managed to decipher intelligence out of highly disparate and unknown data that they got from some of the history’s largest data leaks. By retro-engineering massive amounts of raw data using Talend and other innovative data management tools, they revealed some of the most important stories in the world.  

This is the power of data intelligence.  But what exactly is data intelligence?  In a recent, must read blog, Stewart Bond from IDC positions data intelligence as “intelligence about data, not from data”.   He continues:

“Data intelligence leverages business, technical, relational and operational metadata to provide transparency of data profiles, classification, quality, location, lineage and context;
Enabling people, processes and technology with trustworthy and reliable data.”

Under Stewart’s leadership, IDC links this data intelligence concept to a market category, the data intelligence software, as part of their data integration and intelligence software taxonomy.       

With the Winter’20 release of Talend Data Fabric, we believe we are bringing the power of data intelligence to the next level. And this is why I’m so passionate to reveal how important it is in this blog and in a series of webinars across regions on March 18th and 19th.

Why data intelligence is critical to digital transformations

It has become commonplace to say that data is the lifeblood of digital transformation and that it affects every aspect in business – drive revenues, creates faster innovations, transforms customer experiences, and lowers costs and risks.

Unfortunately, few companies manage to really transform their business-like ICIJ did. There is a data intelligence gap. As data volumes are growing ever more enormous and data is locked away in silos, the data opportunity tends to end up in data chaos, where people can’t find the data they need, and even if they could find it, it’s often poor quality and difficult to use. In short, most businesses are not in control of their data.

This also translates into a huge efficiency and productivity crisis. As part of their data *intelligence research, IDC has shown that data professionals are spending 67% of their time searching and preparing data, and only 12% of their time delivering the needed insights to turn data into concrete business outcomes 

Lastly, there is a severe data talent shortage. Data professionals, especially specialists such as Data Engineers, AI specialists, DevOps Engineers, Data Analysts and Data Protection Officers stand out as the scarcest and in highest demand talents around the word in 2020. Not only do companies need to attract these resources and up-skill their workforce, but they need also to find ways to make their current team deliver more.

Revealing the intelligence in your data with Talend Winter ‘20

So how can Winter ’20 address those challenges and help our customers to reveal the intelligence in their data?

The data chaos can be addressed with the ability to capture data intelligence at first sight, from every data point across the data landscape. You can connect to many, many data sources (we introduced or enhanced dozens of connectors in this new release), automatically extract metadata from those sources, and document them in a single place as shared datasets with our new Talend Data Inventory. Talend will then automatically calculates a Data Intelligence Score based on data quality profiling, on data popularity, and on crowdsourced ratings and endorsements.

Watch the video Introduction to Talend Data Inventory

The efficiency crisis can be tackled with accelerated data engineering.  We brought dozens of smart new functions into Talend Pipeline Designer. Data engineers and citizen data integrators can integrate, standardize, cleanse, and enrich data in a single cloud-native, unified app while in-flight data quality eliminates problems before the data is consumed or replicated. No coding or complex transformations are required, increasing development and maintenance productivity. This makes data professionals become more productive, boosting data intelligence while shortening the time to get up to speed.

In addition, the Winter ’20 release extends the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the Talend Data Fabric platform. Data Intelligence is democratized with an AI-enabled Magic Fill to shape data the way you want. Intelligent data quality brings the human in the AI loop for faster and more precise data matching and empowers data intelligence at scale.

​Try Data Fabric now!

Winter’20 is our latest advancement of Talend Data Fabric to reveal the intelligence in your data. In addition to what I covered in this blog, there are hundreds of new capabilities that you can discover here. But your transformation won’t stop here. The power of the cloud allows us to deliver continuous innovation in data integration, data integrity, and data intelligence, so that we can best support any digital transformation efforts. Note that Talend 7.3, the on-premises version of our Data Fabric, is also part of this launch.

Keep in mind that a key differentiator of Talend Data Fabric is that the innovations we bring are not delivered through a set of siloed products, but through a single platform that brings and manages all kinds of data together under one roof. Talend Data Fabric brings a unified approach to data integration, quality, governance, and data sharing among stakeholders.

Finally, and because Talend Data Fabric is delivered as an iPaaS, you are just a few clicks away from being able to reveal the intelligence in your data and therefore transform your business with data like ICIJ, and many other Talend customers did.
Take it for a spin. Why wouldn’t you try Winter’20 now?


See all the new features Talend Data Fabric brings in our latest Winter ’20 release!

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