Our 5 favorite moments from Talend Connect ’22

By Paul Hsu
purple background with coral circle saying Talend next to the words Connect 22purple background with coral circle saying Talend next to the words Connect 22

There is nothing normal about the new normal. Fortunately, we do have a roadmap to navigate this new world: Data! 

This year’s Talend Connect provided a wide array of insights and advice on how to tackle a turbulent world and uncertain future by relying on a business’ most valuable asset. Here are just a few of the highlights from this insight-packed event: 

1. “Now is the time to invest in your future.” 

An investment in data can help any company weather even the most turbulent times. The inspiring keynote by Christal Bemont laid out the three essential ingredients for healthy data: 

  1. Access means that everyone, not just IT, has easy access to the best, most current data.
  2. Trust gives everyone — internally and externally — comfort and confidence about the data they use.
  3. Monitoring provides true data integrity, and the knowledge that data problems are being identified and fixed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

2. “Not doing this was not an option.” 

Parani Ghandi, Head of Data Services, Analytics, and BI at eBay, took the stage next, sharing how Talend helped them move faster and deliver quicker with a truly modern data platform. 

Delivering their first release in just three months, Gandhi and his team streamlined data movement pipelines to cut transaction volumes by 50% — meeting the goals of digital transformation while simultaneously reducing failure rates and slashing support costs. 

As an added treat, Gandhi also dropped by the technical track to dig into the nitty-gritty of accelerating operational data with Talend’s Head of Field Solution Strategy, Simon Swan. 

3. “Innovate and thrive.” 

Every year we present the Data Masters Award to customers with particularly notable uses of data that transform their business. This year, we were excited to recognize some truly exceptional companies making a real difference. 

These success stories include offering real-time personal lending while supporting explosive growth, using data health as a launchpad for innovating business value, transforming raw data into real solutions for the environmental crisis, and more. 

You can read more about this year's winners here

4. “I know it sounds simple — but it really is!” 

Meanwhile, in the technical track, Julia Fryk, Data Engineer and Architect for Waterstone Mortgage, demonstrated how easy it can be to protect sensitive data — even in a heavily regulated industry like finance. 

With exploding data volumes, ever-growing demands on the data, and increasingly stringent laws around data, everything has changed about data security. But, as Fryk told us, Talend makes it easy to ensure data excellence with data governance, so she can do what’s important: 

  1. Deliver trusted data
  2. Set and enforce internal policies
  3. Comply with regulations 

5. “Reacting is not enough.” 

Finally, Talend CPO Jason Penkethman and CTO Sam Pierson capped off the event with a sneak peek at the Talend product roadmap, demonstrating our dedication to delivering products to drive business — at the speed required by business. The world isn’t getting any simpler, but Talend is dedicated to making it faster and easier to deliver and share data. 

With agility and speed in mind, Sam and Jason outlined Talend’s key areas of investment: 

  • Frictionless user experience 
  • Data for everyone 
  • The modern data ecosystem 
  • Smart devices 

But you don’t have to take our word for it: most of the sessions from Talend Connect ’22 are available to watch right now! So what are you waiting for? Check out Talend Connect ’22 on demand.